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Henry Cavill Fires The Rock’s Ex-Wife Dany Garcia as Manager, Severes All Ties After Being Ousted as Superman From the DCU


Henry Cavill has been facing a roller coaster when it comes to working with the DC Universe. The ups and downs he has gone through have been tough and the actor has officially parted ways with the franchise. His last appearance in the DCU was with a banger cameo in Black Adam. The movie was supposed to mark his return to the franchise, however, it only made things further complicated.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Dwayne Johnson fought a lot to get the actor back in action, wearing his signature scarlet cape. Unfortunately, things only went south afterward, and by the looks of it, not just for Cavill but also for The Rock. Apparently, the Man of Steel actor fired his manager a while before he got the role once again.

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Henry Cavill Fired Dwayne Johnson’s Ex-Wife As His Manager

Months before Henry Cavill filmed his cameo for Black Adam, he reportedly fired his manager, Dany Garcia. She was not only his manager, but she also happens to be Dwayne Johnson‘s manager as well as his ex-wife. Things between the DCU and its cast have been dodgy seeing the parting of ways with Cavill as well as the shade given out by The Rock.

Henry Cavill's Superman
Henry Cavill’s Superman

Whether or not the report stands to be true, both actors have been slowly cutting ties with each other. Johnson gave a lot of hope to the actor who had been vocal about his want to return as Superman, however, that dream got crushed rather brutally. The Jumanji actor too is visibly unhappy with the decisions that have been taken by James Gunn and by the looks of it, his era in the DCU might be ending soon as well. Cavill might very well be cutting ties from the DCU completely, making sure he does not return whatsoever.

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Henry Cavill Could Be Closing The Door For The DCU

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

His journey with the DC Universe has not been a kind one. So to see him sever any connection that might still keep him attached to the franchise makes complete sense. His decision to break further ties with Dwayne Johnson too may not seem as harsh due to the place the actor might be in right now. This could possibly be the last time DC Films ever gave hope to him with regard to Superman and while he left on his own accord, it was not without a broken heart and a broken dream.

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