Henry Cavill Reportedly Hasn’t Signed Any Exclusive Superman Deal With WB To Return in Man of Steel 2, Casts Doubt on His DCU Future

Henry Cavill Reportedly Hasn’t Signed Any Exclusive Superman Deal With WB To Return in Man of Steel 2, Casts Doubt on His DCU Future
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson kept on hyping up a match-up with Superman way before Henry Cavill was brought back in contention. But after being booed at Comic-Con, he made it a personal mission to bring Cavill back. And around September, Cavill shot a couple of scenes for Black Adam and even The Flash. His cameo in Black Adam hinted that the beef between Henry Cavill and WB Discovery’s top management was a thing of the past now. But apparently, despite all promises of having a bright future involving Superman from Cavill himself, nothing is set in stone for him.


No Deal for Henry Cavill Yet

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Superman

Ever since the cameo, Industry Insider and YouTube content creator Grace Randolph has been claiming that Henry Cavill doesn’t have a deal for the future as of now. And her claims have been supported by a major source like The Wrap now. The outlet stated that despite Henry Cavill’s video of something happening with Superman, and previous reports suggesting that a Man of Steel 2 is in development, there hasn’t been any official green light given to the project.

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According to the outlet, the new heads of DCU, James Gunn and Peter Safran have been busy “fine-tuning their long-range plan for the DCU.” Gunn confirmed this himself, but many assumed that a Superman movie has to be on his roster, especially after Henry Cavill filmed those two cameos. But surprisingly, no such deal has happened till now.

Why Man of Steel 2 Still Isn’t a Surety

Dwayne Johnson Acknowledged Henry Cavill's Man of Steel Workout Regimen
Dwayne Johnson Acknowledged Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel Workout Regimen

The Rock used Henry Cavill’s cameo to hype up Black Adam big time. Many fans were excited about his return and Superman would have definitely taken on Black Adam much faster if DJ was in charge. But with the fact that Black Adam may not break even, and the likes of DJ and Gunn still ignoring each other, it is kinda being implied that WB Discovery is only testing the waters for Henry Cavill’s Superman with his cameo. Because it hasn’t brought in any monetary benefits, his future in the DCU could be doubtful as WB top management still may not see a future with him in the lead.

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JJ Abrams is supposed to be producing a Superman movie of his own. Meanwhile, the “no developments on Man of Steel 2” report once again implies that WB Discovery could be falling back to their ways of promising a lot and not delivering. We’ve had so many projects being put under development and then being canceled silently in the next couple of years and that’s just wrong!

Why Henry Cavill Should Get Another Run

Henry Cavill returns as DCEU's Superman
Henry Cavill returns as DCEU’s Superman

Say what you will about the SnyderVerse, it did have a definite multiple-year plan. And James Gunn will surely have his own decade-long storytelling plan just like Snyder did, but it still may not include Henry Cavill’s Superman yet. Nobody has denied his future after the Black Adam cameo, but no one is rushing into things either.

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In Cavill’s defense, his cameo would never have been the only thing to ensure profits for Black Adam. People go to the theatres to watch a whole movie, and not just one post-credits scene which was leaked way before the movie even came out. So, if no profits from Black Adam are what’s holding Man of Steel 2 back, then it shouldn’t. Cavill definitely needs another Superman movie to be judged properly. Plus, recasting him after bringing him back would only bring more heat toward WB Discovery.

So, Mr. Gunn… Make it happen already!! It should have been fast-tracked for a 2025 release by now.

Source: The Wrap


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