Henry Cavill Reportedly Took $250K For The Flash With Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster Finding Superman in The Speed Force

Henry Cavill Reportedly Took $250K For The Flash With Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster
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After the abrupt return and exit of the Superman actor from the CBM franchise, Henry Cavill has been ubiquitously present on all platforms simultaneously as the headline-grabbing story. Consequently, for quite a while now, a Heat Vision report has been fanning the flames surrounding the scrapping of the actor’s supposed cameo in the 2023 film, The Flash. But all speculations have landed nowhere in regard to the scene, which apparently has already been filmed and is now lying on the cutting room floor at DC headquarters.

SnyderVerse's The Flash and Superman never to meet again
SnyderVerse’s The Flash and Superman never to meet again

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However, fan favoritism is not something that is essential for the reconstruction of DCU, and under James Gunn’s skillful planning, the franchise seems to be getting back to its roots and starting anew without the burden of countless controversies and endless speculations.


Henry Cavill’s Cameo in The Flash as Superman Canceled

Reports arising in the aftermath of The Hollywood Reporter‘s sensational deconstructive news on the DCU have alluded to the possibility of the SnyderVerse being scrapped altogether as James Gunn and Peter Safran race toward a brave new world. This world has no place for broken remnants from the past and after Henry Cavill‘s announcement of his retirement as Superman (officially this time), there isn’t much room left for debate or speculation.

The Flash and Superman in Justice League post-credits scene
The Flash and Superman in Justice League‘s post-credits scene

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However, before the beloved actor was somewhat respectfully pulled aside from the spotlight of the new DCU, there were a couple of cameos that were filmed and framed into the plots of Black Adam and the upcoming Ezra Miller film, The Flash. One of those cameos already successfully made its way to the theatres unmarred while the other has been subjected to the brutal and fatalistic climate of the ever-changing DCU.


In James Gunn’s efforts to build a more cohesive universe, the SnyderVerse Superman appearance in The Flash led to concerns for DC insiders as they debated “whether or not to keep the cameo and if its inclusion promises something that the studio would have no plans on delivering.” The debate has now come to a standstill as The Wrap reports the scrapping of the cameo altogether ahead of the film’s release.

How Did Henry Cavill’s Superman Fit Into The Flash‘s Story?

According to The Wrap‘s report, Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent supposedly swings by at the end of the film for a quick visit while The Flash navigates the consequences of charting his way through the Speed Force. The Ezra Miller film is already building its narrative upon the foundational blocks of the Flashpoint paradox, so a trip through the Speed Force is warranted at least twice in the to and fro journey between the past and the present.

The Flash races against Superman
The Flash races against Superman

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The Wrap also claims that Cavill was paid $250,000 for the cameo, an amount similar to what the actor was paid for his Black Adam role. However, Geeks Worldwide‘s KC Walsh had some inputs of his own that contested The Wrap‘s claims and states that the cameo wasn’t necessarily at the end of the film and that Cavill’s role in it was as Superman and not Clark Kent.

Walsh also states that as the Speedster breaks through the space-time continuum, he comes across Superman and quips, “Oh, this is where you’ve been the whole time.” Whether this was supposedly an indirect jab at Cavill’s absence from the DC universe since the events of Justice League remains open to speculation.

The Flash premieres on June 16, 2023.


Source: The Wrap


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