Henry Cavill’s Female Co-Star Did Not Hesitate to Crown Him as “The Hottest Man on the Planet”

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Henry Cavill is adored a lot by both fans and actors with regard to his talented acting and his breathtaking features. His roles have been iconic in one project after another and his looks have been highly admired by his co-stars and audiences alike. His role in Man of Steel got him recognition from both comic book fans and as one of the most good-looking actors in Hollywood.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill and Amy Adams on the red carpet

His co-star Amy Adams has been rather open about her admiration towards Cavill and how he has often posed as a distraction for her. The Oscar winner played Lois Lane in the 2013 movie and was a big part of the franchise alongside the actor. And on multiple occasions, Adams has stepped up and claimed that Henry Cavill is the hottest man on the planet.

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Henry Cavill Is The Hottest Man On The Planet In Amy Adams’ Eyes

During an interview on a red carpet, Amy Adams admitted that she thinks Henry Cavill is the hottest man on the planet and she could very easily be distracted by his looks. When asked if any of her friends wished to be set up with him, she did say that none said anything so far.

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams as Superman and Lois Lane

Adams has called him cute, fawned over him when shirtless, and seeing him as Superman made her eyes shine for him even more. Their on-screen chemistry sparked a lot of rumors on their own, but her openly admitting to her little crush on the actor made the fans gleam and get excited even more. Her experience with the actor had been a very charming one, especially seeing how fans everywhere too admired the actor and his dashing looks.

This charming effect escaped no one, seeing that even Adams’ daughter had a crush on the actor. While the actress relates a lot to Lois, she could always add being drawn to Cavill as one of the qualities the reporter and the actress share.


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Multiple Actors Find Henry Cavill Attractive

Amy Adams was not the first nor was she the last actor to admire Henry Cavill and his breathtaking looks. Among the actors, names included Freya Allan and  Demi Lovato, who had been spotlighted for following the actor on Instagram and then coincidentally posting rather revealing photos of themself. Surprisingly enough, it worked out with Cavill following them back.

Amy Adams with Henry Cavill

Without a doubt, fans have never dropped an opportunity to compliment the actor and Amy Adams holds the biggest accomplishment in that.


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