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‘Oh my goodness, he was so cute’: Amy Adams Admitted She Has a Huge Crush on Henry Cavill’s Superman

Amy Adams Admitted She Has a Huge Crush on Henry Cavill's Superman

Amy Adams became the face of Lois Lane way back when Man of Steel first came out with Henry Cavill as Superman. She quickly became the iconic reporter who wasn’t scared of the unknown, running headfirst into whatever news she could find. However, this was not Adams’ first attempt at becoming the female protagonist right next to Superman.

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams as Superman and Lois Lane

Not only that, but seeing Henry Cavill as Superman made the actress live her childhood once again as she saw not just her favorite childhood superhero, but also her crush when she was little. Thus, Cavill wearing his suit became symbolic for both actors.

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Amy Adams Found Hope In Henry Cavill’s Man Of Steel

During an interview, Amy Adams revealed how she had tried multiple times to bag the role of Lois Lane, and that too in three different Superman movies. While one was a movie that never came to be, the other was in fact Superman Returns. Brett Ratner, famous for directing Rush Hour was in line to make a movie revolving around the hero, however, it was never made, leading Adams to lose the role right as she got it.

Henry Cavill
Amy Adams and Henry Cavill

“And then when Superman Returns came around I read it again. So this is my third go at it,” she remarked. “I kind of felt like this was my last chance. So, I was excited when they presented it and I read with Henry [Cavill].”

She further elaborated on how Man of Steel was possibly her last go at the character, and so she decided to put all that she had hoped for and her core acting skills for the role because she did not want to miss out, and very well enough, she did get the role and became the iconic reporter.

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Amy Adams Had A Crush On Superman And Henry Cavill Manifested It

When Amy Adams was auditioning for the role of Lois Lane, she did not expect to see Henry Cavill in the Superman suit, which sent massive butterflies down her stomach and made her relive her days when she had a crush on Clark Kent. Seeing the character right in front of her shocked her so much and made her so happy that she could not believe it.

Superman and Lois Lane

Now with Cavill’s return and the sequel to his solo movie being greenlit, Adams has another chance of returning as the character and truly living out her dreams.

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Source: Cheat Sheet

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