James Gunn Slams Pointless Henry Cavill Man of Steel 2 Rumors, Says People Who Believe in it are ‘Purposely lying or being taken advantage of’

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We can only hope that the DCU will shape up nicely under the leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran. But as of now, their plans beyond the prescheduled DC releases aren’t known to anyone but those two. Gunn has claimed that he and Safran haven’t revealed any of their discussions to anyone yet. So, the reports of Henry Cavill getting a new contract for Man of Steel 2 and beyond, or any other DCU project after Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom are just plain lies!

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James Gunn Calls Out The Worst Scooper of All Time

If you thought that We Got This Covered was the worst possible source of scoops and rumors, then YOU… WERE… WRONG!!! There are many industry insiders and scoopers who have proven their credibility over time. Grace Randolph, KC Walsh, Daniel RPK, MyTimeToShineHello, the guys at ScreenGeek, and many others fall under this category of having a high percentage of their scoops right. But the one source that will never be included in this list is Mikey Sutton’s Geekocity Mag.


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No Deals for Henry Cavill yet

Sutton has been reporting a string of made-up scoops and reports based on what’s trending for several years now. And since James Gunn is highly interactive with his fans over social media, he usually debunks any fake rumor he comes across online. Following his old rituals, Gunn has done the same with GeekosityMag’s latest report claiming that Henry Cavill has a new contract to return in future Superman-related Projects.


Here’s what Gunn wrote in his tweet while calling out Mikey Sutton’s “report”:


“I’m not sure if you’re purposely lying or being taken advantage of by someone lying to you, but, as I’ve stated on here before, NO ONE knows what’s happening at DC Studios right now other than me & Peter. That would include writing up any new contracts for anyone at this point.”

As Gunn said, anyone claiming to know anything about the DCU’s future beyond 2023 would be lying.

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Man of Steel 2 Isn’t a Surety Yet

Henry Cavill's Superman in the aftermath of General Zod's murder
Superman’s future in doubt

Very recently, a major source like The Wrap also reported that Henry Cavill doesn’t have a contract yet. Despite Henry Cavill’s “promising” Instagram video of something happening with Superman, and other reports suggesting that Man of Steel 2 is in development, there hasn’t been any official development on it yet. It’s all just wishful thinking.

Superman Post Credits black adam
Superman vs Black Adam may not happen!

With Black Adam’s box office total failing to reach the breakeven point, and the fact that Dwayne Johnson and James Gunn are still ignoring each other, the future of anything regarding Black Adam and the properties related to the IP isn’t set in stone yet. It’s not that James Gunn will not continue franchises like Black Adam or Man of Steel, it’s just that he hasn’t revealed his plans to anyone yet.


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So, we’ve got to wait for the official verdict of DCU’s future from him or the co-CEO of DC Studios, Peter Safran.


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