Henry Cavill’s Superman Exit Becomes Blessing in Disguise, Actor Becomes Top Pick for James Bond

Henry Cavill's Superman Exit Becomes Blessing in Disguise, Actor Becomes Top Pick for James Bond
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Surely by now, fans of Henry Cavill know all about the decision of scraping his Superman from the DCU. James Gunn took to his Twitter to state that DCU’s new slate includes a younger Superman, one which will not be played by Henry Cavill. Of course, fans of the actor weren’t exactly too happy about the studios taking away their favorite Superman, especially since they were waiting for a Man of Steel sequel.

Henry Cavill's Superman breathes his last at DC
Henry Cavill’s Superman

His exit from the DCU didn’t help the fans who were already disappointed about him leaving Netflix’s The Witcher. Their beloved actor not being a part of two major roles anymore is sure to hurt! However, there is still something that might cheer them up a bit. Henry Cavill’s name has picked up speed to be the next James Bond!

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Henry Cavill as the Next James Bond?

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

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After Daniel Craig’s fifteen-year-long run as agent 007 and the actor moving on to other things, it is time for a new James Bond to be introduced to the world. But the question arises, who will be the one to carry the legacy forward? For now, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, known for his role as Pietro Maximoff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is leading the list.

Henry Cavill, whose name comes second on the list, has recently picked up speed to catch up with Taylor-Johnson. According to the world’s biggest bookmaker, William Hill, while a few days ago the odds for Cavill as James Bond were 11/2, they have since increased to 3/1, while the former leads with odds of 6/4.


A spokesperson for the bookmakers stated that Cavill’s announcement of leaving Superman had a major hand in increasing the actor’s odds, adding that punters believe he has quite some free time on his hands.

“Another twist in the search for our next James Bond has seen Henry Cavill’s odds slashed after the actor revealed he will not be reprising his Superman post in the early hours of Thursday morning. His price of 6/1 to land the role has been halved to 3/1 overnight, with punters clearly working out that he will now have some free time on his schedule.”

Considering the speed with which Cavill’s odds are increasing and the fact that he is a fan-favorite choice, it looks like Taylor-Johnson needs to watch his back!

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Other Contenders for the Role

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Taylor-Johnson and Cavill are the top two contenders when it comes to who will be playing the next James Bond. In a statement, Lee stated that it is head-to-head between the two actors with Tom Hardy and Rege-Jean Page also being two options, although, less likely options.

‘It seems like a two-horse race between Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, whose previous price of 4/5 has eased to 6/4 following Thursday morning’s news, with Tom Hardy (6/1) and Rege-Jean Page (8/1) considered less likely options.’

James Norton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Richard Madden are also names that come up in the conversation. Lee once stated that Fifty Shades of Grey actor, Jamie Dornan, would also be a great choice for the role adding that he proved himself after his role as a serial killer in The Fall. However, he continued that his age might be a barrier as those in charge have already said no to actors above the age of forty.

For now, there isn’t much which can be done to know who actually gets to continue James Bond’s legacy. While Taylor-Johnson and Cavill are both fan favorites for the role, only time will tell if either of them ends up getting the gig!


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