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‘Her coming back will ruin the No Way Home ending’: Fans Cry Foul as Sony Reportedly Bringing Back Zendaya in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4

'Her coming back will ruin the No Way Home ending': Fans Cry Foul as Sony Reportedly Bringing Back Zendaya in Tom Holland's Spider-Man 4

Spider-Man: No Way Home ended on a hopeless note, our beloved superhero now had no one, he is truly alone, lost it all, and has to pick up the pieces. NWH, left at a place from where the Spider-movies can take crazy turns, it was rumored to bring Black Cat Parker’s love interest but recent developments have uncovered some heart-breaking news for the fans.

Instead of bringing Black Cat, Sony will bring MJ back for Spider-Man 4, meaning Zendaya will be Tom Holland’s love interest again for Spider-Man 4. This is not in tune with where the last movie left, and the internet is concerned.

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Spider-Man 4 is good news but MJ is not.

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Tom Holland and Zendaya at Spider-Man promotions

The relationship between Tom Holland and Zendaya might be a huge factor in determining this decision, the movie does not feel story driven anymore. However, all we can do is wait until it is released and then judge if it all worked out.

NWH came to an end with a promise that the “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” will return to the screen and we surely will get to see more street action. Till NWH Peter has been involved in mostly cosmic-level threats and finally after the last movie tied all loose ends, Spider-Man is all set to go back to his normal life.

Fans are whole-heartedly disappointed and take to Twitter to show their rage.

They try to point out the logical fallacies of having MJ back in the Spider-Man timeline, especially because in NWH, MJ went to MIT and will continue her studies there. Some are concerned about the timeline and many wanted to see Black Cat, instead of MJ Jones-Watson.

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The whole point of the last movie was that Peter will keep his identity hidden so that MJ and Ned could continue to have a normal life. If MJ is bought back in Spider-Man 4, then Peter’s sacrifice was for nothing. The entire NWH movie was for nothing then, it is hard to not speculate and wonder how the creators will incorporate Zendaya as MJ in this new timeline.

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Fans say that Sony is making a mistake with Spider-Man 4.

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Tom Holland and Zendaya in NWH

Some fans commented on how Sony has no actual understanding of character arcs, storylines, and stories they only care about the box office numbers. Currently, comes it seems true, given that NWH had a beautiful ending and the next movie was supposed to pick up from there, now it seems convoluted and very uncharacteristic if the same characters are bought back, all the progress made in NWH will be lost.

It is true, Sony could very well be giving up the opportunity to make an amazing Spider-Man trilogy, given the NWH ending the street-type Spider-Man would go very well with Black Cat and their relationship will bring a breath of fresh air.

Spider-Man 4 is going to have a street-type vibe for it, in that case, Black Cat seems like a more appropriate choice, it will give Spider-Man the time and space to deal with the loss of a mentor, his aunt, best friend, and his love.

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