Here’s All You Need to Know About Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 1 Reloaded

The Season 1 Reload is looking promising for COD Players.


  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone have an impressive player base.
  • The games recently received a Season 1 Reloaded which has a tonne of new content for all modes.
  • There are new maps, modes, addition of a ranked mode, new warlord and much more all wrapped within this article.
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Modern warfare 3nxhxnzModern Warfare 3 received a lot of flack due to its single-player offering, but gamers have mostly been enjoying the content in multiplayer modes. The game’s multiplayer has tons of matchmaking playlists and modes, and new content is offered periodically for the players to keep things fresh.


Recently, the team rolled out Season 1 Reloaded for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. The season update includes a lot of new content, including a multiplayer ranked playlist for players who are more serious about the title. There are also new weapons, maps, and game modes to ensure that COD Players have a blast with the new title.

Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone’s Season 1 reloaded offerings

Rio is the latest map added to Modern Warfare 3.
Rio is the latest map added to Modern Warfare 3.

The announcement was made in a blog post on the game’s official website. Starting, there is a new 6V6 map for the title, which is named Rio. The map places players in the streets of Rio De Janeiro, deploying them to the shopping center.


The map has a central indoor mall, a main street, a tram station, a market, etc. The suburban setting makes for a medium-sized map in the game mode. The firefight takes place mainly in the streets, and various passages and areas at different elevations are provided to players to strategize and take their enemies by surprise.

There are also new game modes coming to Modern Warfare 3. The first game mode, Team Gunfight, expands on the gunfight mode. The map size in the mode will be set to standard, and players will be competing in teams of six with each other. As mentioned, there are similarities with the standard Gunfight mode, like the players will receive a standard randomized loadout at the start of each round. One must be well-equipped to understand various weapons to dominate truly.

The new game modes add to the fun in Modern Warfare 3.
The new game modes add to the fun of Modern Warfare 3.

The second game mode, which was introduced in the Season Update, is Headquarters. In this mode, players accomplish objectives and hold them to gain points. There are no respawns, so players must do away with a reckless approach and get their head in the game. The objective also jumps around from location to location on the map, so players must go mobile occasionally.


The third and final game mode is Mobile. As evident from the name, one player is randomly assigned Infected status; their mission is to eliminate and thus infect other players who will join their squad while doing so. Players who aren’t infected need to work together to prevent this from happening.

There is also content inspired by the game’s partnership with The Boys, as there is a twist to the original Kill Confirmed, where fallen foes drop temporary perks inspired by the TV series. They grant abilities like Heat Vision to those who loot them. Some objectives can be checked out in the blog post embedded above. These objectives will grant cosmetics like Weapon Charms and calling cards.

The new season also adds Multiplayer Ranked play, which offers a more competitive 4v4 setting inspired. It is worth noting that this also provides players with the same settings, modes, and maps as the Call of Duty League, the game competition for pro players.


The requirement for entry is level 55, and only players who have reached this level can participate in the mode. All unrestricted items are unlocked for the mode regardless of how many the player made available earlier. Friendly fire is also enabled across the playlist, so one must tread cautiously and ensure they do not damage their teammates. The ranked mode has a separate Rank and Skill Division system that will persist across seasons.

The Zombies mode has a new Warlord, Dokkaebi, in the exclusion zone. Killing her will earn one high-tier loot. As for Warzone, there is new content for it, as well; there is something known as the Champion’s Quest, a new quest for Urzikstan. There are new public events, a new Weapon Case objective, and more to discover on the Warzone front.

The Gulag is also getting significantly tougher with the NVG Gulag Public Event. This event will see the lights going out and the player relying on Night Vision Goggles to fight against enemies and survive. As mentioned, the players can check out the entire blog post here for more details.


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