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Here’s How The Worse Deadpool Can Become The Best MCU Villain

Here’s how the worse Deadpool can become the best MCU villain. Remember back in 2009 when X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released and all we wanted to do was see Deadpool on the big screen? It was all the more exciting because our Merc with a Mouth was being played by Ryan Reynolds and we couldn’t wait. However, the result wasn’t that good. It is even regarded as one of the weakest entries in the X-Men franchise. Reynolds couldn’t get a hold of the character and it all came crashing down. But I should mention this, this worse version of Deadpool can well and alive be a part of the MCU and even become the best villain. Check it out.

Who’s The Worse Deadpool & What Are His Powers?

Worse Deadpool: Wade Wilson as Weapon XI in X-Men Origins
Worse Deadpool: Wade Wilson as Weapon XI in X-Men Origins

As we see in X-Men Origins, this version of Deadpool is called Weapon XI. He’s the 11th experiment carried out by Stryker. But this is not the normal Wade Wilson that we know. He is used as a host and put through numerous tests. He is given Wolverine’s adamantium blades, his healing factor, teleportation abilities from a mutant called Wraith, and optic beams, courtesy of Scott Summers.

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

As we saw in the fight, it was nearly impossible to stop him even after Logan and Victor teamed up. It was not until they went back to back, coordinated and actually stood a chance. But of course, the end credit scene ended up telling us that it is nearly impossible to kill him.

Weapon XI Is Still Alive In The MCU

Worse Deadpool still alive in the MCU
Worse Deadpool is still alive in the MCU

In the post-credit scene, we see Weapon XI’s arm in the rubble, reaching for his head. Now, this is where it gets crazy. The head, now separated from his body, looks into the camera and shushes the audience with his mouth now open. However, the character is yet to reappear.

Another Deadpool in the MCU?
Another Deadpool in the MCU?

Now, the reason why we claim that this version can very well appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is because of the multiverse. At this point in time, anything can happen and it won’t be a surprise if Weapon XI actually ends up in one of the movies as a hardcore villain.

Why Evil Deadpool Would Make Up For A Perfect Villain

Deadpool in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Deadpool in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

One of the best Marvel news that the fans have got in the past couple of months is that Deadpool is now officially a part of the MCU. Ryan Reynolds is joining the team and we couldn’t be happier about it. But right now, marvel can put anyone in a movie and thanks to the multiverse. Weapon XI is a much more ruthless version of Deadpool as he doesn’t have anything to lose. Deadpool vs. Weapon XI will make up for great action and this time, Wade can actually kill his evil twin and eradicate the worse Deadpool from the history of MCU.

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Written by Deepak Vasisht