Hermione Granger: Best Choices In The Chamber Of Secrets

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Hermione Granger is indeed one of the most brilliant students at Hogwarts. She constantly displays excellence in her works, and that is why she is usually “the brain” of the group. In Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Hermione was unfortunately petrified, leaving her frozen for most of the school term.


Nonetheless, she returned to her normal state and back again at fighting evilness. Hermione Granger immensely showed her extraordinary wits by making the right decisions in every situation. Here’s a list of her best choices that took place in The Chamber of Secrets.

Hiding In Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom

Moaning Myrtle Hermione Granger


It was Hermione who suggested they use Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom to make the Polyjuice Potion. Ron and Harry never knew about the room and they would have recommended other rooms, such as the room where Harry found the Mirror of Erised.

But this is one of the wisest choices because they finally saw Moaning Myrtle and solved the mystery that engulfs the rumor. She helped them in the Triwizard Tournament to figure out the egg clue.

Inquiring About The Chamber Of Secrets

Minerva McGonagall


Confidence is key to asking serious questions, and that is exactly what Hermione showed when she asked Professor McGonagall about the Chamber of Secrets. This led to the revelation of crucial details that Hermione, Harry, and Ron will find handy in their next quest.

Professor McGonagall shared the story of a student’s death and the legend that comes with it. Good thing Hermione was quick to ask because it led them from one great decision to another.

Concocting The Polyjuice Potion

Hermione Granger


The plan was to impersonate a Slytherin and because Hermione accidentally used cat hair instead of human hair, she ended up becoming a half-human half-cat. This led them to discover that Draco was not responsible for opening the Chamber of Secrets.

Despite the minor accident, the potion-making was a great experience for Hermione. This skill would be helpful later on as they try to find the Horcruxes.

Leaving A Clue To Crack The Code

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets


This is what Hermione did for Ron and Harry to figure out how to save Ginny. Before rushing to tell them how she cracked the code, Hermione scribbled “pipes” on a piece of paper and some important details about the Basilisk.

The thing is, when Hermione was petrified, the paper was left clutched in her hand! It was definitely the delaying excitement factor, but totally worth the anxiety after the two boys managed to save Ginny.

Bringing A Mirror To Look At The Basilisk

Hermione Granger Petrified


Because she knows that the monster is a Basilisk, Hermione decided to carry a small mirror in her hand so she could look at its reflection than risk eye contact with the monster. This move saved her life because when the Basilisk caught her, she was only petrified and not killed.

Hermione undoubtedly makes the most conscious and wisest decisions among her circle of friends. Her actions always end up saving her and her friends, or more significantly, finding secrets either from people or the Hogwarts building itself.


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