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‘He’s being followed by the KKK’: Ezra Miller Goes Full Paranoid As The Flash Star Believed They’re Being Hunted Down, Close Sources Report WB Hasn’t Provided Any Support

Recently Ezra Miller has been arrested many times attending several embarrassing public incidents. Not only this but the DC actor has been blamed for both physical and verbal abuse, grooming of a minor, and much more. Isn’t it horrible?

Ezra Miller is accused of assaults and grooming scandals
Ezra Miller is accused of assaults and grooming scandals

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Warner Bros. has been stuck into some serious controversy over the last few months. From Amber Heard’s trial to the rapid and unnecessary cancellation of the DC movie, Batgirl the studio seems to be in a bad reputation right now.

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Ezra Miller Now Travels With Gun & Body Armor Amid Troubling Allegations

The Flash star travels with gun and Body Armor
The Flash star travels with a gun and Body Armor

According to the reports from Business Insider, some discomforting information has come up regarding The Flash star Ezra Miller. Sources say the actor has been driving around the US carrying a gun and wearing a bulletproof vest. This is because they’re somehow paranoid about being followed by the likes of the FBI or Ku Klux Klan.

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Tokata Iron Eyes talked with Ezra Miller, and said that the vest was “a fashionable safety measure in response to actual attacks and received death threats.” It is kind of concerning and even many stars close to the actor have started to think that he has truly lost touch with reality even though the perception is not entirely clear.

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An unknown longtime family friend of his wrote that the star has been “enabled” by using “their fame, their wealth, their earning capacity, their whiteness, and their beauty:”

“I think Ezra has been enabled because of their fame, their wealth, their earning potential, their whiteness, and their beauty… it’s really hard to intervene when someone has as many resources as Ezra… when you’re famous, people are less likely to say ‘no’ to you. I think that those things can be really dangerous.”

Fans Saying Ezra Miller Has Lost Touch With Reality

Fans predicting Ezra Miller is mentally ill
Fans predicting Ezra Miller is mentally ill

Some people also believe that his recent behavior is signifying his mental illness.

“That’s the person that I’m grieving now… they were always kind of different from other people their age, but not scary. We were really, really good friends. It’s really sad.”

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After Batgirl got canned and Supergirl likely next, many fans are concerned about The Flash’s fate already jotted down in the gravel. Ezra Miller clearly doesn’t seem to care much about what happens next. Warner Bros. has been said to be cutting relations with the actor and this might mean the studio will be starring a new actor instead of fully putting off the character.