“He’s clearly not a good guy”: The Boys’ Antony Starr is Getting a Little Concerned After Seeing Fans’ Obsession With Homelander

Homelander wants some fans to restrain their "I can do whatever the f**k I want" mindset

Antony Starr, The Boys.


  • The Boys became an instant fan-favorite show for being different from other superhero shows.
  • Antony Starr responds to fans, who are too obsessed with Homelander.
  • The Boys' fans react to Antony Starr's comments on X.
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The third season of Eric Kripke’s The Boys has been as popular as the first two, with fans loving the appearance of new faces to the main cast of the show such as Jensen Ackles in the role of Soldier Boy. With the 4th season right around the corner, the enthusiasm for the show continues to grow. Interestingly, during the 3 seasons, a strange phenomenon has been noticed, that is how some fans are deeply obsessed with Antony Starr’s Homelander.

Some fans are too obsessed with The Boys' Homelander
Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys. Credits: Amazon Studios, Prime Video

An essential element of the fanbase’s love for the antagonist is his narcissistic and manipulative behavior, and it has grown to the point where they are obsessed with the character. This notion has captured Starr’s attention and responded to the fans who are imitating the Supe in real life.

Antony Starr is Concerned With Fans Getting Too Obsessed with Homelander

One of the villainous leaders of The Seven in Eric Kripke’s The Boys, Antony Starr’s Homelander was meant to be abhorred and detested rather than loved and celebrated by the viewers of the show. The antagonist has become one of the most popular characters in recent times and led to a new age. Fans are getting more and more fixated on antiheroes and villains, and dark personalities are gaining a dedicated fan base.

Homelander is the leader of the corrupt superhero team in The Boys
The Seven. Credits: Amazon Studios, Prime Video

Vought’s Golden Boy has been adored by the fans because they consider him to be a Superman for adults. Though he is a corrupt superhero, with questionable morality, he is not a flat character as he is full of unpredictability, has great dialogues, and has explanations for all of his actions.

However, the Banshee actor has recently decided to address his fans idolizing the Supe, who also happens to be a narcissist sociopath, often hailed as a patriotic hero. During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Starr responded to fans idolizing Homelander, calling it a “very strange thing,” and he is baffled by this phenomenon.

Billy Butcher vs Homelander
A still from The Boys. Credits: Amazon Studios, Prime Video

He said,


There’s a very strange thing that’s happened with the character, though he is clearly not a good guy. A lot of people have glommed onto him. There’s a weird element out there that actually kind of idolize him. I’ve seen some s— on Twitter and I’m like, ‘Wait, What? You are missing the point entirely!’

Perhaps one of the reasons that fans idolize the character is how this generation of viewers often feels lonely in a room full of people. Starr calls his character to be the “loneliest guy” in the world, who can not relate to anyone but “himself.”

He later added,

He’s the loneliest guy in the world. He’s got no one to relate to but himself. His isolation is immaculate. It’s almost perfect. He’s not stupid; he’s incredibly emotionally stunted.

Nevertheless, the viewers should limit their idolization of Homelander, and stop following his footsteps, especially his I can do whatever the f*ck I want” mindset. 


The Boys’ Fans React To Antony Starr’s Comment on Certain Viewers’ Obsession with Homelander

Indeed, Starr’s comments were true because a lot of fans were negatively obsessed with the character, and they would be seen imitating his hostile attitude. With ScreenRant (@screenrant) sharing this news on X, fans came forward, some of them defended their obsession with the character.

Fans react to Antony Starr's comments
Homelander in The Boys. Credits: Amazon Studios, Prime Video

However, others agreed with what Starr had said in the interview.



Clearly, a lot of fans of the show were not delighted with how some viewers of the show went overboard in idolizing the character as Homelander was initially meant to be a character that one would love to hate. However, infusing different ideologies and comments gave a strong reason for many people to get too obsessed with him.

The Boys Season 4 is set to release on Amazon Prime Video on 13 June 2024.

The Boys – Season 4 Official Trailer | Prime Video


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