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“He’s cut from the same kind of weirdo cloth”: Oscar Nominee Stephanie Hsu Fails to Keep Calm While Working With Ryan Gosling, Calls Him Silly

“He’s cut from the same kind of weirdo cloth”: Oscar Nominee Stephanie Hsu Fails to Keep Calm While Working With Ryan Gosling, Calls Him Silly

Stephanie Hsu has been part of the biggest movie of 2022. Everything Everywhere All At Once took home seven Oscars including the award for Best Picture. She was running from one award function to another with some of the biggest nominations one could collect in their entire Hollywood career. She has been scurrying from one place to another because of her skyrocketing success.

With her star-making role, Stephanie Hsu is now Everywhere - CNA Lifestyle
Stephanie Hsu

Most importantly, her upcoming movie with Ryan Gosling is another reason for her traveling day and night. She has been jumping from place to place and is not only accepting awards but also being there for her co-stars. However, she is very much working towards her movie with the star as they both get ready for The Fall Guy.

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Stephanie Hsu Loves Working With Ryan Gosling

Stephanie Hsu has been working with Ryan Gosling on The Fall Guy and she has been constantly going back and forth between the United States of America and Australia to keep attending the award functions while also being able to film the movie. Her experience of working with the actor has been lovely and she has confirmed that if anything, he is just a silly goose like her and they both mix very well with each other.

Stephanie Hsu Joins Cast Of Lionsgate Comedy From Director Adele Lim – Deadline
Stephanie Hsu

“I’ve been a huge fan of Ryan’s since forever,” she added. “I’ve always felt that he’s cut from the same kind of weirdo cloth actually, and he definitely is. He’s so funny, so silly and such an artist.”

The movie stars Hsu and Gosling alongside Emily Blunt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. She referred to how similar the two stars can be and are just as goofy as she would like. Hsu talked about how her experience on set has been incredible and she cannot wait for everyone to see the movie. It has been joyous and she is excited about what they have been working on.

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Stephanie Hsu Gets Ready For A Road Trip In Joy Ride

Oscar nominee Stephanie Hsu will be seen taking a wild road trip with her friends in her upcoming movie Joy Ride. The latest trailer shows their road trip gone wrong as the group of friends accidentally become drug dealers. The comedy movie will show the ups and downs of their friendship and what drives them in the first place as they come to terms with their unfortunate situation.

Stephanie Hsu Talks 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' – Interview | IndieWire
Stephanie Hsu

After Everything Everywhere All At Once ruled the box office, Hsu’s name has been on everyone’s lips. All they can talk about is how amazing of an actress she is and how they cannot wait to see what she will do next after her stunning performance in the movie.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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