“He’s definitely not going to kill anyone”: Henry Cavill Claps Back at Critics Calling ‘Man of Steel’ Destruction P*rn, Says Superman Learned His Lesson and Would Never Fight in Cities Again

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There are a lot of places that superheroes from all the different comic books and movies have fought in over the years, and one of the most common spots are cities. Henry Cavill’s Superman showed us why exactly it is not the best place to pick a fight or have someone take you on, as a superhero.


Fighting in cities for superheroes is one tricky bit that has been shown to have consequences from the fictional governments of that literary world given the destruction has been massive and could’ve been avoidable. Superman’s fight against Zod at the end of Man of Steel has taught him that valuable lesson as a superhero.

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Cavill as Superman

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Henry Cavill Says Superman Learned A Lot From Man Of Steel Ending

Character development for a character is an absolutely important aspect to focus on when writing the character.

It gets even more serious when you’re writing geek-culture icon Superman for your million-dollar budget movie, and it seems like Henry Cavill thinks Zack Snyder’s Superman developed pretty well after the events of Man of Steel

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Cavill as Superman

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Henry Cavill appeared in a special feature video for GQ in which he breaks down his most iconic characters, and when it comes to Man of Steel‘s Superman he assures us that Clark Kent won’t be taking the risk of fighting in cities and putting the population in danger anymore.

Speaking about the ending of Man of Steel, in which Superman fights General Zod, Cavill points out these two important things that Clark Kent learned from the fight-

“He definitely isn’t going to kill anymore, and he’s definitely going to make sure that population centers are completely removed from the equations because he’s experienced it and now he’s thinking about it.”

That’s great to hear Cavill, but when will be seeing you as the lead actor in a standalone Superman movie again?


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Henry Cavill Set The Bar For This The Witcher: Blood Origin Star

The Witcher: Blood Origin is an upcoming TV series that will serve as a prequel to the much-acclaimed The Witcher TV series, which features fan-favorite Henry Cavill in the lead role.

Cavill’s performance and his emulation of the physicality of Geralt has impressed fans of the video game as well as fans who watched the TV show without any prior knowledge about the piece of fiction. And it seems like his efforts have set a bar.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Cavill as Geralt

The Witcher: Blood Origin is going to be set 1200 years before the events of The Witcher ever happened, but we might still be seeing someone as swole as Cavill in the young star Laurence O’Fuarain.

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O’Fuarain, who plays the role of a warrior named Fjall, revealed in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly about his physical preparation for the role of Fjall, citing that he set a goal to look like Cavill’s Geralt in the upcoming TV series-


“He’s literally Superman. So I knew I needed to really put the effort in.”

We’re all in envy of how physically fit & aesthetic Cavill looks and we don’t have anything to prove here, just look at the man. His dedication to keeping his shape has definitely had a positive impact as you can see from O’Fuarain’s case.

The Witcher is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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