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Enola Holmes 2 Trailer: Henry Cavill Appears for Less Than 30 Seconds, Effortlessly Steals the Show from Millie Bobby Brown

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Netflix is making up for Henry Cavill’s rare presence in the first movie by shining the spotlight on him in Enola Holmes 2 as the legendary and famed detective, Sherlock Holmes. The story in its first innings began with the lesser-known and the youngest Holmes, Enola who after spending a lifetime with her eccentric mother, Eudoria has to strike out on her own when the latter goes suspiciously missing. The movie well established Millie Bobby Brown in her solo sleuthing adventures but the warm presence of Cavill was still felt in the undercurrents.

Enola Holmes 2
The Holmes clan returns for their second adventure in Enola Holmes 2

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Enola Holmes 2 now brings back the Holmes siblings, minus the annoying and older Mycroft, to a drama that not only serves as a delightful ride of 19th-century England and its cobbled alleyways but also features a more involved Sherlock, which entails Henry Cavill to more screentime.

Enola Holmes 2 Gives a Peek Into a Comical Henry Cavill

The second adventure of Enola Holmes is not simply about setting off on a search for her mother or outsmarting her elder brothers along the way. This time, heads and titles clash as the Holmes duo each set out on their individual mysteries all the while working their way back to each other. After Henry Cavill‘s impressive although short appearance in Enola Holmes, he finds more purpose in the second run of the refreshing Netflix dramedy.

Enola Holmes 2
Enola Holmes 2 engages Henry Cavill in his own mystery case

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The Enola Holmes 2 trailer engages the youngest Holmes on a frustrating journey of having to prove her worth as a young, capable, and independent female when she attempts to kick off her very own detective agency. But, in the meantime, her more famous sibling, Sherlock Holmes becomes embroiled in a mystery of his own — one that is so perplexing that he needs to kick a sign off the pavement and then proceed to brood over his violin in an increasingly out-of-tune rendition of his own composition.

Henry Cavill, although always a welcome presence on-screen, does justice to every minute of his screentime as he sets the tone for the comically endearing journey of the Holmes duo in their second outing on Netflix.

Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes
Henry Cavill’s Sherlock finally gets a central storyline in Enola Holmes 2

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The Cultural Significance of Sherlock Holmes

History has placed Sherlock Holmes at the forefront of all detective literature as its most pioneering example, a character so loved that his fictional death had enraged millions and caused mass hysteria to the point where Arthur Conan Doyle had to resurrect him in the aftermath. The brilliant, narcissistic, and quite possibly sociopathic character has become a symbol in the century that followed his conception with films and television being increasingly crowded with acclaimed adaptations like Robert Downey Jr.‘s Sherlock Holmes duology, Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Sherlock, and Sir Ian McKellen‘s Mr. Holmes.

Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes
Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes

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If history serves us right, the Netflix film will be just another marker in the Sherlock Holmes milestone with Henry Cavill being yet another fan-favorite casting as the beloved British literary icon. Although the story rightfully belongs to the newly minted Enola Holmes and her journey toward the emancipation of her identity as a self-employed woman in the English society of the 1800s, the movie also does justice to the audience by bringing Cavill’s Sherlock into the fray instead of relegating the actor to the sidelines. Because of course, nobody in their right mind would cast Henry Cavill as the legendary Sherlock Holmes without decidedly shining the spotlight on him at some point.

Enola Holmes 2 premieres on Netflix on November 4, 2022.

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