‘He’s got a nice face.. but also a nice heart’: Emma Stone Revealed She Had a Crush on Andrew Garfield Because He’s a Good Person, Not Because He’s Good Looking

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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone had been the sweethearts every couple aspired to become, their era as Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker was inspiring as the two truly felt that they were made for each other. Although things did not work out so well in the end for them romantically the two are still the best of friends, spreading their chaotic energy throughout for the fans.

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield as the Amazing Spider-Man

While the two got asked a lot about their relationship, they were fairly private about it, revealing only details that they seemed would be necessary for the media to know, or else would keep it to themselves. Deeming their relationship precious enough to remain theirs and not the media’s.

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Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone’s Relationship, From Co-stars To Lovers And Finally To Friends

Andrew Garfield first met Emma Stone at a test screening for The Amazing Spider-Man, where he thought that if there would be anyone he would like to spend the next few years talking about only one thing, it would be her. Talk about destiny! The two soon after started bonding with each other and their chemistry became a usual sight on the set of the movie. 

Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man goes trending
Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man goes trending

They then started officially dating after the shooting ended, keeping their relationship fairly private, so much so that even knowing whether they were dating or not was just speculation at that time rather than confirmation. This then became public after they started openly holding hands and appearing to award shows and red carpets together, as well as kissing publicly. 

Emma Stone

A few years after, however, this budding relationship came to an end after the couple found themselves going through a dark patch. Stone and Garfield decided to break it off due to differences, although they made sure that their ever-glowing friendship remained as is.


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Emma Stone Said She Had A Crush On Andrew Garfield 

Emma Stone, in an interview, was asked by a kid about whether or not she ever had a crush on Andrew Garfield. To which she replied that she did, because he has a nice face, then added on about how he also has a nice heart. 

Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey

The actress stated that her adoration for the actor was purely due to his personality and charm. The two have always been open about how much they love each other and support each other. Both comedically and in serious conversations. While they always deal with such questions rather cleverly, this one struck many hearts as, much agreed with the actress, Andrew Garfield is known for having a nice heart.


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