“He’s got f—k you money”: Gary Oldman Was Extremely Impressed With Daniel Radcliffe for Refusing Big Budget Movies After $9.5B Harry Potter Franchise

“He’s got f—k you money”: Gary Oldman Was Extremely Impressed With Daniel Radcliffe for Refusing Big Budget Movies After $9.5B Harry Potter Franchise

There are many who still recognize Daniel Radcliffe with his iconic Harry Potter role in the hit franchise. The Harry Potter series was an immense success that stole the hearts of almost every generation. He not only garnered major international fame for his portrayal but it also opened new opportunities for him to explore the mainstream industry.

Daniel Radcliffe
English actor, Daniel Radcliffe

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However, his new opportunities didn’t mean that he would accept just everything. In fact, his career choices highly impressed his co-star, Gary Oldman.

Gary Oldman’s Thoughts on Daniel Radcliffe’s Career Post Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe and Gary Oldman
Daniel Radcliffe and Gary Oldman

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Gary Oldman portrayed the role of Sirius Black, godfather to Daniel Radcliffe‘s titular character in the Harry Potter series. The former, in an interview, opened up about how his co-star impressed him by choosing career options that would have been skipped by many.

“I don’t know many 17, 18-year-olds that would have done Equus. And he’s now singing and dancing on Broadway. He pops up out of these holes. And he’s got f**k you money, so he can do what he wants. And [he’s] dedicated, takes it very seriously, and works very hard.”

One major factor that impressed him was Radcliffe’s dedication to his acting career. Rather than choosing to work on major projects, he focused on honing his art. Even The Lost City actor discussed how his co-star helped him.

Gary Oldman Guided Daniel Radcliffe in Choosing The Right Opportunity!

Daniel Radcliffe Jungle 2
Daniel Radcliffe in Jungle (2017)

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The actor in a 2014 interview with NOW Toronto opened up about how his on-screen godfather helped him in channelizing the right opportunity for his career.

He shared,

“He told me once that I had ‘f**k-you money.’ We had a conversation once, just about careers and all that, and he said [slipping briefly into Oldman’s accent], ‘You have f**k-you money. So use it.’”

He continued to share how Oldmam guided him to choose the career Radcliffe wanted for himself.

“It just means you get to make the kind of career for yourself that you want. Like, all my friends – you get an audition, it doesn’t matter what the script’s like. You’re going in for it. And if you get it, you do it. And to be able to say no, to have some control over where my career is going – yeah, it’s amazing.”

The duo continues to share a strong bond like they did while starring in the franchise. While their career continued to evolve, their close friendship remained untouched.

All the Harry Potter movies are currently available to stream on both HBO Max and Peacock right now.

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