“He’s like a brick wall”: Millie Bobby Brown Claims Henry Cavill is a Huge Bore, Teases Him as Next James Bond

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Daniel Craig left a huge gap in the shoes that has to be filled in by the next James Bond actor after his version of the British spy got his emotional goodbye at the end of No Time To Die. To be fair, any Bond fan would’ve cried at the end of the latest movie.


But there still needs to be a successor to Craig’s successful, although initially panned, portrayal of the character. There have been a lot of speculations about who the next Bond will be, with tons of Bond archetype actors already having been listed. One standout candidate is Man of Steel star Henry Cavill, and it seems like we got a not-so-official confirmation of him filling in.

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Daniel Craig as James Bond

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Millie Bobby Brown May Have Confirmed The Next James Bond

There are more than ten actors that have been listed to play James Bond in whatever reboot that will be followed up after the release of No Time To Die. Emphasis on reboot because Daniel Craig’s Bond makes a sacrifice at the end of the movie.

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Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown

Not all actors from the ‘to be James Bond’ list have to be named, but there are a select few who have been fan curated and are also in demand. The likes of Tom Hardy, Andrew Garfield, Idris Elba, Regé-Jean Page, and so on are huge contenders.

But Superman star Henry Cavill seems to be the standout actor on this list. He’s British, looks like Bond, and has already shown his prowess in action movies like MissionImpossible – Fallout as well as starring in Argylle, another spy movie!


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There’s no confirmation of who is going to be the next 007, but Cavill’s Enola Holmes 2 co-star Millie Bobby Brown might just have given us a not-so-official confirmation that he will be the next James Bond.

During an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Ali Plumb, the Stranger Things star talks about her newly released Enola Holmes 2, which also stars Cavill. Plumb notes that Cavill’s character is kind of like a “dead horse” on top of another “dead horse”, Brown replies-


“It is, it’s truly like that. That is Henry Cavill. So anyways…our new James Bond!”

With those last four words, the 18-year-old actress might just have told the whole world (or anyone watching that interview) that Cavill’s confirmed to fill in after Daniel Craig in the James Bond role!

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Millie Bobby Brown Calls James Bond Candidate Henry Cavill “A Brick Wall”

The chemistry between Millie Bobby Brown and her co-star Henry Cavill was quite beautiful, and evident, in Enola Holmes. She’s also pretty young and still learning her way around the movie industry so it’s understandable that she’s goofing around a lot!

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Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown

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One of her latest silly acts came in trying to get her co-star to participate in a TikTok dance, to no avail! BBC Radio 1’s journalist Ali Plumb asks her if that ever came about in the interview, here’s what the Godzilla star had to say-

“Ali, it is honestly like getting a brick wall to move. It’s just…it’s not gonna happen unless I get a sledgehammer, it’s not gonna happen. Also the fact that he’s very big, in general, I can’t get him to move”

The James Bond candidate has always looked quite stern and reserved in every interview that we’ve heard him speak. Maybe he’s preparing himself for the Bond role?


Enola Holmes 2 is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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