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“He’s like Family”: Jeremy Renner Joked About His Deadly Injury, Sent Videos Amidst Reports of Being Unable to Ever Walk Again to Mayor of Kingstown Showrunner

Jeremy Renner Joked About His Deadly Injury

This year has started on a bad foot for Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner. He was involved in an unfortunate accident and has been hospitalized since. Renner was critically injured when he was run over by a snow-plowing machine.

Jeremy Renner underwent multiple surgeries upon receiving blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries. Mayor of Kingston showrunner, Hugh Dillon put his hand forward for any kind of help for Renner as he’s like his family.

Jeremy Renner in the hospital bed after his accident.
Jeremy Renner in the hospital bed after his accident.

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Jeremy Renner’s Snow Plow Accident

On the 1st of January, 2023, Jeremy Renner was in a tragic accident where he was run over by a fourteen thousand pounds heavy Piston Bully that he was operating to help his family member whose car was stuck in the heavy snow. After he successfully towed the car he went to talk with his family member when the snowplow matching started rolling towards their direction.

In an unsuccessful attempt to stop the machine by getting back in the driver’s seat, he was run over by the machine and completely crushed. It was reported that he was heard making sounds of writhing in pain as he was having extreme difficulty breathing. Renner was administered first aid by a doctor that was his neighbor and he put a tourniquet over his leg that reportedly saved his life by reducing blood flow.

Jeremy Renner along with his family and friends in the ICU ward
Jeremy Renner along with his family and friends in the ICU ward

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Jeremy Renner was immediately airlifted to a hospital – Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, where he was administered in the ICU and underwent two operations. Though his condition is stable now and is constantly improving, doctors say that this accident could have been fatal for him.

Jeremy Renner Jokes With Showrunner Hugh Dillon

Hugh Dillon, director of The Mayor of Kingston was on his daily business when he received the information from his producer about the accident of Jeremy Renner. Dillion in an interview with Entertainment Tonight said,

“Well, I gotta tell you, on New Year’s Eve, I saw before it hit the news, and I was just doing something mundane and all of a sudden – he’s like a brother. He’s family. And he is so committed and such a gentleman. I love that guy. And to see that happen, I just wanted to fly to him and fix it or what can I do.”

Hugh Dillon and Jeremy Renner
Hugh Dillon and Jeremy Renner

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A day later, Hugh Dillon received a video from Renner as it was one of the most “profane comic video” that just made him laugh and brought tears to his eyes. He also added that Renner was a force of nature and is unstoppable.

The Hawkeye actor will have to face great difficulty recovering as his injuries were not simple, but he is improving daily and is overwhelmed by the support of his family and fans. He has been regularly posting about his health progress and appreciates all the support.

Source: Deadline

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