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“He’s merely younger”: James Gunn Reveals Key Details For DCU’s Younger Superman After Forcing Henry Cavill to Retire From Man of Steel 2

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In the most recent turn of events over at the DC Studios, James Gunn announced that he and co-head Peter Safran had an all-new slate for DCU’s future ready. While there wasn’t much that was revealed by him about the said slate, he did announce that the universe’s future will have a younger Superman, one who won’t be played by Henry Cavill.

James Gunn denies his involvement in bringing Henry Cavill back.
James Gunn

Needless to say, the announcement wasn’t taken very well by fans of the superhero universe. There was confusion about who the younger Superman will be played by and what the movie will focus on. One of these questions just got answered by James Gunn himself who had previously clarified that the movie is definitely not an origin film.

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James Gunn Shares Insights into Younger Superman

Young Superman
Young Superman

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In the midst of the announcement, James Gunn was asked by a Twitter user if the movie with the said younger Superman is going to be another origin film. Gunn cleared any and all doubts regarding this by simply stating, “No Way” in a reply to the user.

However, Gunn’s clarification wasn’t quite enough for DCU fans as another Twitter user called out the director for misleading his fans stating that if Superman meets people for the first time in the movie it still counts as an origin film. The user continued to bash Gunn by asking him how much Disney had paid him to ruin “the ONE THING DC had going for it.” Now that is quite the allegation! However, as if Gunn knew this accusation would be coming, he replied to the user’s tweet, once again with a clarification.

According to Gunn, who is also writing the film with the younger Superman, the superhero won’t be meeting any of the major characters for the first time in the film, confirming that it is, in fact, not an origin film and that Superman is “Merely younger.”

This is the only confirmed insight about the upcoming Superman movie as it’s revealed by the DCU boss himself. However, according to Variety’s insiders, the movie will focus on Clark Kent working as a cub reporter in Metropolis and he will meet key characters like Lois Lane.

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James Gunn Talks about Letting Henry Cavill Go

Director James Gunn
Director James Gunn

After the announcement of Henry Cavill leaving the DCU once again was made public, fans of course had a lot to say. From calling Gunn cold and heartless to demanding that he steps down from his role at the studios, fans blasted the Guardians of the Galaxy director.

However, Gunn isn’t someone to allow the spread of misinformation in the guise of rumors and speculations, not even when it comes to his real life. A Twitter user called him “Cold” and stated that tweeting about everything wasn’t a very CEO-like thing to do and that the user wouldn’t do such a thing stating, “I have a heart.” Getting called cold just didn’t fly too well with Gunn as he replied to the user stating that he was anything but cold.

It looks like everything is okay between Gunn and Cavil, after all. We can’t wait to see how Gunn’s younger Superman plays out in the end. Who knows, maybe it won’t be as bad as fans think, in the end!

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