“He’s the only consideration for Doom”: Black Panther 2 Massive Success Has Left Fans Convinced Only Ryan Coogler Should Handle Doctor Doom, Claim He Truly Understands Minority

“He’s the only consideration for Doom”: Black Panther 2 Massive Success Has Left Fans Convinced Only Ryan Coogler Should Handle Doctor Doom, Claim He Truly Understands Minority
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Black Panther 2, directed by Ryan Coogler, was revealed to be a huge success. The movie honored the late Chadwick Boseman as well as gave depth to the portrayal of Namor. Experiencing Coogler’s talent when it comes to villainous characters or anti-heroes, the fans are convinced that the helm of Doctor Doom’s movie should be given to none but him. While the iconic villain has appeared on the screen numerous times, it is a pity that a character like him has yet not received the proper depiction he deserves.


Black Panther 2 was expected to include Dr. Doom in the post-credits scene, however, the expectations were dispelled after it was observed that there was only one post-credits scene in the film.

Ryan Coogler
Ryan Coogler

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Doctor Doom to be directed by Ryan Coogler

Ryan Coogler, the director of Black Panther (2018) and its sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022), is well known for his portrayal of misunderstood anti-heroes. The Black Panther screenwriter was capable of depicting Namor’s character in a very remarkable way, despite there not being enough source material for the character.

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Ryan Coogler and Chadwick Boseman

Impressed by Coogler’s work, fans have been urging that Ryan Coogler should handle the development of Dr. Doom as well. Doom would be incorporated into Marvel Cinematic Universe as well in the near future. Understanding how wide the character arc of Dr. Doom is, Coogler is aware that the fans want him to be included in MCU in the right manner.

“Oh yeah, I think he’s an incredible character in publishing, man. You know, he’s one of the big ones. And unlike Namor, there’s been several different representations of him in film. So I think that’s what excited me the most about Namor, where it was that there hadn’t been any representations. Like you didn’t have any baggage of any other actors, or any other performances, or any other movies. It was just publishing for Namor. I think Doom is a little different when it comes to that, but man, what an incredible character, man. I think he’s often in people’s list of like favorite characters overall, as opposed, not even just not just villains. So I think I would understand people wanting to see Doom represented.” Coogler said.

In a conversation regarding Dr. Doom’s involvement in Black Panther 2, Ryan Coogler mentioned he wasn’t reading much into it.


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Fans convinced Ryan Coogler should handle Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom in the comics
Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom, while seen as an antagonist by many, is a more complex character than assumed. Latveria, the country he rules, sees Victor Von Doom as a hero, their own symbol of hope. Aware that such a complex character should be depicted with utmost perfection, the fans are convinced Coogler should nurture the production of the movie.

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Some of the fans’ comments include:


Keeping in mind Doom is a Romani character, it only makes sense to have a talented Romani actor play the part rather than any white actor in the industry.


Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is currently out in theaters worldwide.

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