“Prioritizing high-impact titles”: We Lost Hi-Fi Rush Sequels and a Redfall Redemption for More Starfield’s and Call of Duty’s

Xbox is going to focus on bigger-name titles such as Call of Duty for revenue.

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  • Xbox is reallocating many resources from Bethesda Softworks studios to higher-impact titles such as Starfield and Call of Duty.
  • An email from Matt Booty has detailed the intentions behind the decision and where the resources will be allocated.
  • He claims it is to focus on titles that are opportunities best positioned for success.
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There’s a lot to criticize in games like Call of Duty, but one of the most enduring complaints is the lack of originality across the titles. At this point, the series is becoming a new iteration of the same multiplayer experience, with a single-player campaign tacked on.


Unfortunately, it seems Xbox might prefer titles such as these, which create a higher impact (revenue), as opposed to smaller projects. The shutting down of various Bethesda might be a sign that the company wants to direct its resources to titles that directly improve its bottom line.

Internal Email Hints at Resource Allocation Towards Projects Such as Call of Duty

Is Xbox nuking its own studios for Call of Duty?
Is Xbox nuking its own studios for Call of Duty?

Focusing on big projects can improve profits, but more experimental games are placed by the wayside for titles that have mass appeal. An email from Matt Booty, Head of Xbox Game Studios, has revealed recent decisions that may suggest the company’s intentions.


The email addressed the shutting down of various studios under Bethesda, such as Tango Gameworks (Hi-Fi RUSH) and Arkane Austin (Redfall). The closing of Tango Gameworks would hit fans especially hard, as the studio was pitching for a sequel to its 2023 hit title. Many of the resources from these studios are going to be divided among other Xbox subsidiaries.

Booty says in the email the reallocation is being done to “double down on these franchises and invest to build new ones” by identifying “opportunities that are best positioned for success.” He then goes on to detail how the resources are going to be divided. Towards the end, Booty speaks on how this has been a difficult decision “to create capacity to increase investment in other parts of our portfolio and focus on our priority games.


Games such as Hi-Fi RUSH witnessed fairly positive reception but did not bring in the expected revenue. Xbox may want resources to go towards titles such as Starfield, Elder Scrolls Online, and Call of Duty as a way to boost revenue.

Studio Shutdowns Lead to Online Criticism

Xbox seems to be stumbling from one bad move to the next.
Xbox seems to be stumbling from one bad move to the next.

The shutting down of a studio always entails letting go of some staff, which is never a good thing. The gaming industry has been going through a series of layoffs for a while now, and some feel it may be due to the stalling of spending on subscription services. Xbox Game Pass offers many titles at no extra cost, but with people not signing up for the service, it prompts the company to trim the fat.

Microsoft’s acquisition spree was a strategy to bolster the Game Pass library with popular titles from studios. However, when it saw the decision was having no tangible effect on revenue, it meant resources had to be moved or let go to ensure profits didn’t take a big hit.


It’s an uncertain time to be working in the gaming industry, and our hearts go out to those affected by such decisions. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the company to ensure resources are being used effectively and to ensure its projects are working in such a manner as to not necessitate layoffs.

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