After Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks Closure, Phil Spencer’s Xbox Profile is Being Scrutinized, with Everyone Pointing Out the Same Glaringly Obvious Detail

In these darker times within the industry, no one is safe.

After Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks Closure, Phil Spencer's Xbox Profile is Being Scrutinized, with Everyone Pointing Out the Same Glaringly Obvious Detail


  • After the closure of Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks, Xbox fans are scrutinizing Phil Spencer for one of these studios' games.
  • The popular Gamertag of Spencer, P3, has almost no achievements for Hi-Fi Rush, making the point that he does not even play the title.
  • A post on X is following how many games he played at the studios that were closed recently.
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An internal Xbox email leaked two days ago, confirming the closure of four studios. After this, the whole internet went after Phil Spencer and every head of the Microsoft gaming division. 


Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin were two of the studios that closed. One of these companies developed Hi-Fi Rush, prompting X users to comment on Spencer’s lack of involvement in the game. This user shared a screenshot of the user Spencer and how many achievements he has for this title, and the entire community is scrutinizing him.

Phil Spencer is in the Eye of the Storm

Phil Spencer is being scrutinized for the Xbox community.
Spencer is being scrutinized by the Xbox community.

After closing studios like multiple studios, the Microsoft brand is suffering a backlash that will have no end, at least for the moment. Phil Spencer has not talked about this yet, and the players and gamers are doing their work to hold people accountable for not making the right decisions. Spencer is the first in a long list of high executives who are sacrificing jobs for “bad results.”


One of the games that became a significant success was Hi-Fi Rush. The studio behind the game has now been closed. For this, user TM06 on X posted the Gamertag of Spencer with the number of achievements that he has in this game.

This post went quickly viral for proving that the Microsoft executive had not even played the entire game to see if it was excellent. This represents the initial phase of the scrutiny he is currently facing.


The Studios Shut down by Xbox

Arkane Austin y Tango Gameworks were two of the studios closing down this week.
Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks were two of the studios closing down this week.

In the screenshot shared from the popular Spencer P3 Gamertag, the game has 1250 G points, whereas this executive only has 35, proving that he has almost never played the game at all. This post sparked a flood of responses criticizing the popular executive, expressing his lack of appreciation for these games, and ultimately leading to the closure of the studios responsible for such titles.

Various users respond to this by saying that more than 3 million players also didn’t pass that part of the game; the title is on Game Pass, so many players probably only tested the game and didn’t continue playing, which is a common thing for the IPs that are part of this Xbox service. Spencer’s scrutiny will be long and hard, especially after all the bad decisions the company is making.

The brand is going through one of the worst and most difficult times in its history, closer to the point in 2013 when the Xbox One was introduced and was totally overshadowed by the PS4, making it lose that generation since the beginning. After this, the company could never fully recover and is still suffering from all the players lost after this horrible move, which made that console cost $100 more compared to the competition.


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