Johan Pilestedt Teases the Xbox Helldivers 2 Fans with a Crossover We All Want: “MC looks cool…”

That's actually one great idea, only if Master Chief won't mind taking a bile bath.

Johan Pilestedt Teases the Xbox Helldivers 2 Fans with a Crossover We All Want: "MC looks cool…"


  • A lot of things were going wrong with Helldivers 2 that cost the game thousands of negative reviews.
  • Things are now back to normal again as Sony reversed the decision to mandate the PSN account linking.
  • The latest conversation between the Arrowhead CEO and a Helldiver confirms they are all at ease again.
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Even CEOs have the desire to do things other than drive the company. And when you are in the gaming industry, these desires are obvious. Helldivers 2 is a captivating game, and one desire of the head of the developer behind it was tickled by a Helldiver. He too wants to play a game but it’s not what he and his team created.


Helldivers 2 was caught in the crossfire as Sony and fans clashed over the PlayStation maker’s decision to mandate PSN and Steam account linking to continue to play the game. However, just a couple of days ago, Sony poured water on the raging fire as it reversed its decision.

Helldivers 2 Players Won’t Mind Terminating Bugs Alongside Him

Helldivers 2 is already a GoTY contender, according to fans.
Helldivers 2 is already a GOTY contender, according to fans.

Players are busy clearing the planets infested by Terminids and Automatons, and suddenly they see a ship straight out of Halo 2 and Master Chief walking out of it. Such an interesting fantasy, but sadly, it probably will never happen.


Johan Pilestedt solidified this while engaging in one conversation with a Helldiver. But that did tickle Johan’s desire to play the original Halo on Xbox. Though he suppressed any horses driving the imagination, bringing MC to Helldivers 2, he did find the idea feeding to his amusement.

Johan Pilestedt has a way with words and dealing with things, and that’s why he gets so much love from the community. While the Helldivers 2 community was engaged in an uprising much like ‘The Embassy’ mission from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Pilestedt took the arrows while being stoic during the rough clash.


In fact, he kept the environment light by laughing at things. The conversation was sparked following his comment on another post that went viral over the social media network X (formerly Twitter).

Buzz Lightyear, Master Chief, and Star-Lord Reporting For Pest-Control

Users' dream of seeing MC in the game were shattered by the Arrowhead CEO.
Users’ dream of seeing MC in the game were shattered by the Arrowhead CEO.

Modders’ are no short of scientists, given they are always engaged in fun experiments that (almost) always bring joy to gamers. Someone posted a mod for Helldivers 2 and it can’t get any better. Some of the beloved characters from different franchises made it to the game and appeared all set for the planet-level pest control.

Buzz Lightyear from Star Command, Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Master Chief from Halo series in the game can be satisfying to any gamer’s eyes. As they landed to kill Terminids, they found a friendly face, Lightning McQueen from Cars. Only that, he wasn’t very friendly in there.


Helldivers 2 is the most successful game to come out after Palworld this year, and there’s more content to enter the game in the future. As we are mentioning Palworld here, we should not forget that the game has seen several mods enter the market already.

So to speak, there’s a heavy possibility that both games will see their clones coming in soon. What do you think about this Helldivers 2 mod? We would like to know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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