“That’s a super cool idea”: Fan Requests are Back on the Helldivers 2 Table as Johan Pilestedt Admits: “We had it on the wish list way back”

Johan Pilestedt is taking notes of some fan requests that could improve the game.



  • Helldivers 2 fan suggested to improve Pelican-1 and Johan Pilestedt agrees.
  • Pilestedt revealed some early ideas he had to customize the space shuttle.
  • The community is actively sharing ideas to help improve the state of Helldivers 2.
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Helldivers 2 has been through quite a lot lately and so has the player base and the developer but it is time to move forward. Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt is diving back in and listening to some fan requests which could later be utilized in a future update.


Some fans are quite innovative and vocal which makes it easy for them to reach out and communicate with the developers. While not all of these ideas are fit for a video game, there is one suggestion that stood out to Pilestedt that even he wants to see in the game.

Johan Pilestedt Thought About One Suggestion for Helldivers 2 Before

Johan Pilestedt revealed some ideas he thought of before for the Pelican-1 in Helldivers 2.
Johan Pilestedt revealed some ideas he thought of before for the Pelican-1 in Helldivers 2.

Game developers can’t always listen to fan suggestions or requests but there are rare exceptions like this one. The sight of the Pelican-1 at the end of each mission is a different kind of joy for players. The idea that they have achieved their objectives and are now transported back to safety can put their minds at ease.


Some fans have thought of other ways to make the ride home more epic. Pilestedt revealed it was an early idea to customize or modify the shuttle with different weapons and even a loudspeaker. It wasn’t long ago when the director revealed that Nintendo’s Star Fox is a game he would like to see remade or used as a source of inspiration for a spinoff set in the same universe .

Perhaps these suggestions and concepts can be revived through this dream project and players can modify their shuttles and swap between various weapon load-outs and an epic soundtrack made by the creative community.


The extraction spacecraft may not be as cool or well-appreciated as Eagle-1 and his destructive capabilities whenever players paint the battlefield red with a perfect trifecta of back-to-back uses of the stratagem, there is a whole lot more that can be done to improve the hunk of metal. Pilestedt loves the idea and it may see the light of day soon.

Helldivers 2 Could Receive Some More Customization Options

Pelican-1 could finally get the upgrade he deserves in Helldivers 2.
Pelican-1 could finally get the upgrade he deserves in Helldivers 2.

Providing extra options to change the weapons of a shuttle can make or break the gaming experience. Maybe the hostiles in the area are more susceptible to the deadly effects of the autocannons or are more affected by the hellfire of a minigun.

The game may not be perfect with the recent discovery of malfunctioning status effects and stratagems, but this could be the perfect compensation. Pilestedt is also leaning towards the idea of being able to place a loudspeaker on the ship which can help boost the morale of a squad.


Music can elevate the experience and give an extra layer of emotion even thrill. While there is nothing set in stone, knowing that the game director already thought of it means there is a strong possibility that these ideas may make their way to the game relatively soon.

What are your thoughts about these ideas for Helldivers 2? Let us know in the comments below!


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