Hideo Kojima’s 1 Regret Over Metal Gear Solid Would Have Changed the Entire Atmosphere of PeaceWalker’s Most Important Moment

Kojima's original plans were grander than the final product.

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  • Hideo Kojima is someone who is hailed as one of the most influential and dynamic visionaries in the video game industry.
  • Kojima-san has been behind the famous Metal Gear Solid series, which also had PeaceWalker, as the fifth title in the series.
  • One of the title's most important moments was initially planned to be executed differently, as shared by Kojima-san.
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Hideo Kojima is hailed as one of the most visionary minds in the gaming fraternity. The individual is responsible for Metal Gear Solid, made during the game director’s successful tenure at Konami. The title is a trailblazer in the action-adventure stealth genre, considered revolutionary.


Often listed among some of the most well-crafted video games ever to come out, surprisingly, Hideo Kojima has a regret about it. While it may appear minor, had the visionary been able to execute his initial thought, one of the title’s most distinguished moments would have been altered by quite some margin.

Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker Wouldn’t Have Been the Same Without a Featured Song

Peacewalker is one of the most popular games by Hideo Kojima.
Peacewalker is one of the most popular games by Hideo Kojima.

Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker is a famous espionage video game. While the franchise isn’t very active in the current scenario, the mentioned title was released for the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Having received a lot of acclaim for its offerings. One of its most iconic and heartfelt moments is when the idea of peace and harmony is communicated through a beautiful cinematic.


The cinematic featured a song titled ‘Sing‘ by The Carpenters, forming the core of the message delivered by the game’s ending cinematic. Recently, Hideo Kojima posted on his X account, celebrating the game’s 14th anniversary.

This is what the Video Game Director posted:

After reading this, it is tough to imagine what the scene and the game’s title credits would have been like without ‘Sing.’ But people in the post’s comment section put on their tinfoil hats and started speculating about which song was being talked about.


Other speculations were also being made, which can be read in the comments. But all of it begs the question: could it have been any other song apart from the one already used? Fans disagree, but even objectively, the song used in the game’s ending made for a better choice.

Hideo Kojima’s Initial Song Choice Might Have Backfired

Metal Gear Solid is still one of gaming's most iconic franchises.
Metal Gear Solid is still one of gaming’s most iconic franchises.

PeaceWalker was a title that received massive acclaim due to the people behind it. Now, per the vague statements of Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid, the song he originally intended for the scene might have been too popular, which would have diverted people’s attention from the scene.

Objectively, had it been a song about Peace from a music sensation, it would forever be stapled to the video game’s identity. While it may not have been necessarily bad, it would have meant that all of the characterization and the game’s entire plot would have, in the end, been overshadowed by a song simply because of the latter’s popularity.


Regardless, no matter what the song was or what might have been its impact on the title’s popularity and appeal to the masses, there is no doubt that Peacewalker will go down as one of the most well-crafted games of its time.

What, per you, could have been the song originally intended for the game? Would it have had a different impact from the one the creators used? We would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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