Hilarious Deadpool Meta Humor Comic Book Moments To Make You ROFL

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Deadpool is the Merc with a Mouth, and he definitely knows how to make us laugh. His meta-humor is some of the funniest stuff in comics, and these moments will definitely have you ROFLing. From breaking the fourth wall to making fun of other superheroes, Deadpool never disappoints when it comes to humor. Here are some of the most Hilarious Deadpool Meta Humor Comic Book Moments.


Too aware for his own good

Deadpool Meta Humor To Make You ROFL | FandomWire
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Yes, Deadpool is aware that he’s being controlled by a comic book writer, and he knows his every action is being watched by his readers. So why not have a little fun with them? This is definitely one of the ‘quirkiest’ hilarious Deadpool meta-humor moments.

A little on the nose (or eye?)

Deadpool Meta Humor To Make You ROFL | FandomWire
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He tells his adversary, Bullseye, exactly when he and Deadpool last danced in this panel from Joe Kelly’s groundbreaking run on Deadpool. Not only is it hilarious, the line also serves as a helpful guideline for the reader (instead of the footnotes at the end of the page).


But it’s a tired trope of Superhero/Villain banter and a little on the nose we think (that’s what’s so special about Deadpool, he makes it funny). Kelly definitely can (and has) do(ne) better.

Do we need to say anything more?

Deadpool Meta Humor To Make You ROFL | FandomWire
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This is an interesting (for the lack of a better word, because sometimes even we run out of words in the face of iconic humor) moment. What makes it even more interesting is that it was written several (7 to be exact) years before the first movie where Ryan Reynolds played the Merc with a Mouth was released.

So what, did the writer, Gail Simone, have the ability to predict the future? Or was it a random joke at the expense of Ryan Reynold’s pretty face? This is a mystery yet to be solved.


Deadpool can’t stop fighting himself (he’s just like us)

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Deadpool is infamous for referring to comic book conventions such as dialogue balloons (or “little yellow boxes”). He does this as part of acknowledging his comic book character status (and acknowledging the problem is the first step right?)

In the scripting of Deadpool by Gail Simone, the character would converse with these yellow boxes. And more often than not, even argue with them at times (as I said, he’s just like us).

Some daddy issues in the Deadpool universe

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Even Deadpool is not beyond having daddy issues (he’s just like us part 2?). In this panel, he acknowledges/honors/dishonors (depends on your perspective) his creator. The smug nod and the wink at his creator, Rob Liefeld, truly do add multitudes to his character. We all contain multitudes, some people more than others.


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