Hogwarts Legacy Casts a Huge Discount Spell on Digital Edition Prices for Black Friday

You can cast Avada Kedavra on the prices for the game this Black Friday.

Hogwarts Legacy Casts a Huge Discount Spell on Digital Edition Prices for Black Friday


  • Hogwarts Legacy received good reviews upon release.
  • The game can be picked up at a 40% discount currently as per its official website.
  • However, there isn't platform parity in this case as the game isn't on discount on every platform.
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Hogwarts Legacy received great reviews upon its release. It has largely been the Harry Potter game that fans have been waiting for a very long time. The setting and the world of Hogwarts, featuring elements of wizardry, witchcraft, and potion-brewing, was an instant hit among fans.


However, when the game is treated to an objective outlook, keeping the nostalgic elements of the mystic world of Harry Potter apart, the game isn’t extraordinary by any means. That being said, regardless of your prior exposure or lack thereof to the wizarding world, the game can be given a playthrough, especially when it is on sale. This happens to be one of the times when games are usually on sale thanks to Black Friday, and Hogwarts Legacy is, fortunately, one of them.

If you have yet to experience the game’s world, it can be picked up right now the game is on a huge sale for all platforms currently.


Hogwarts Legacy Discount: Prices, Platforms, and Everything Else

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to experience spell-casting like a true wizard or witch.
Hogwarts Legacy allows players to experience spellcasting like a true wizard or witch.

Hogwarts Legacy can be picked up at a 40% discount currently and can be checked out on the game’s official website here. The discount is only on the game’s digital copies and not its physical. Here is everything you need to know about the deal to make an informed purchase.

As seen from the website, one can enjoy discounts on both the Standard and Deluxe edition of the game. The game is available on The PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Steam, and Epic Games Store as well. Now, a valid question would be the choice one has to make between the two editions. The Editions contain the base game and the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest for PlayStation 4 and 5. The Deluxe Bundle also has some other offerings which might interest some individuals.

To start, the Deluxe Edition contains some exclusive cosmetic items for Potterheads, one of which is The Dark Arts Garrison Hat, a head accessory that one can boast on their custom-made character in Hogwarts Legacy. Other offerings of the Deluxe Edition include the Dark Arts Pack, which includes some items that certainly offer more value than the Garrison Hat mentioned above.

Thestral Mount in Hogwarts Legacy.
Thestral Mount in Hogwarts Legacy.

The first inclusion in the Pack is the Thestral Mount, a mystical lifeform, having bat-like wings and a general appearance that seems to be a blend of that of a steed and a reptile. However, one shouldn’t let a Thestral Mounter’s seemingly intimidating appearance fool them as wandering the high skies with the creature is a particularly enthralling experience. The second inclusion is sadly another cosmetic inclusion titled the Dark Arts Cosmetic set.

The third inclusion is perhaps the most valuable one, the Dark Arts Battle Arena which will allow you to practice the three most potent and perhaps nefarious spells. All of this can be bought either separately, which is also being offered at a discounted rate currently, or as part of the Deluxe Edition Bundle. Since Hogwarts Legacy was a cross-gen release, one can grab the PS4 and PS5 copies when one buys the Deluxe Edition on the PlayStation Store. The same holds for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One as well.

However, there isn’t platform parity in this case as the game isn’t on discount on every platform. For example, the recently released Switch port isn’t on discount at all. And some platforms only offer discount on the Standard Edition. Here are the details:

  • Steam: 40% Off on Standard as well as Deluxe Edition.
  • Epic Games Store: No discount on any edition.
  • Xbox Store: 40% Off on Standard Edition Only
  • PlayStation Store: 40% Off on Standard Edition Only.

The offer is valid till November 28, so it is advised that if one is interested in buying the game, they act fast. As far Hogwarts Legacy‘s reception is concerned, it received generally favorable reviews, clocking at an 84 Metascore and a similar User Score of 8.5, widely regarded as the best Harry Potter game in existence.

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