“Honestly it’s pretty comfortable”: DCU Learns from Marvel’s Mistake, Saves Xolo Maridueña from Jennifer Lawrence’s Nightmare in ‘Blue Beetle’

DCU Learns from Marvel’s Mistake, Saves Xolo Maridueña from Jennifer Lawrence’s Nightmare in ‘Blue Beetle’
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Xolo Maridueña has finally donned his superhero suit in the new DCU film, Blue Beetle which has garnered positive attention from critics. The new movie is quite anticipated since it carries a huge responsibility to get the franchise back in the game to gain good results in the end. Not just that, but it has also learned from Marvel’s mistakes and improvised it to make the whole filming process comfortable for the actor.

Xolo Mariduena as Blue Beetle
Xolo Maridueña in and as Blue Beetle

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 In an interview with Variety, Oscar-winning costume designer, Mayes C. Rubeo opened up about curating the friendly superhero suit for the titular actor by adding zippers for bathroom breaks. 


Xolo Maridueña’s Blue Beetle Superhero Suit Included Zippers for Bathroom Breaks

Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

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The DC franchise has introduced many superheroes to the fans however not many donned the completely packed superhero suit like what Xolo Maridueña wore for his new flick, Blue Beetle

But, his whole filming experience was nothing but comfortable all thanks to costume designer, Mayes C. Rubeo who added secret zippers that would help him quickly use the bathroom. 


Rubeo explained, 

“We had to consider rapid bathroom break solutions. So there were hidden zippers that went in strategic places for a quick release.”

Meanwhile, the titular actor had a great experience. 

“I could feel the suit hugging me. I could feel the pinchers on my sides. Honestly, it’s pretty comfortable. I hear that they only get better as the years go on — more easily accessible to go to the bathroom.”

This is quite a great upgrade since many actors had complained about their costumes which came with quite discomfort.


Jennifer Lawrence Had a Hard Time Going on Bathroom Breaks

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in the X-Men franchise.
Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in the X-Men franchise.

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The Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence has publicly shared her discomfort with her costumes and makeup especially when she portrayed the role of Mystique in the X-Men franchise. While this role has given a major boost to her career, it also gave her a hellish experience she would not wanna go through again. 

She spent most of her time just sitting in the makeup chair. Given that her character’s appearance was quite detailed, she had to wait patiently for up to eight hours, which eventually got less than three hours, just to complete her overall look. 


She opened up about hating the paint procedure and later on, admitted that her makeup prevented her from going to the bathroom. 

 “The guys who made it were like, ‘Well, she’s a girl. She doesn’t go to the bathroom,” she said. “So, I pee standing up out of a funnel.”

Not just her, but even MCU actors also had to go through their individual struggles for their roles. Late Chadwick Boseman once revealed that her tight Black Panther suit made it hard for him to get air supply which would make his action scenes extremely difficult. It also generated intensive heat inside which ultimately made the filming unpleasant.

Blue Beetle is running in theatres.


Source: Variety 


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