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‘Hope Marvel doesn’t screw this up’: Marvel Reportedly Working on World War Hulk Project, Harrison Ford May Return as Red Hulk

'Hope Marvel doesn't screw this up': Marvel Reportedly Working on World War Hulk Project, Harrison Ford May Return as Red Hulk

The World War Hulk miniseries is perhaps only one of the handful of comic issues completely devoted to unflinchingly displaying the full potential of the Hulk when the green Avenger is enraged beyond comprehension. And with Marvel reportedly putting in motion a storyline that might bring the riskier comics to life, the fans have been waiting for a full-scale event that can match the decimation of ensues in the aftermath of Hulk unleashing his wrath in scale and magnitude.

The event is widely regarded among the fandom as one that can finally bring Marvel back to the glory days, where the larger-than-life occurrences manage to stupefy the audience increasingly more with each film until the final climactic battle delivers an unparalleled catharsis.

World War Hulk
World War Hulk

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Marvel Fandom Awaits the Reported World War Hulk Project

If true, the World War Hulk project will be manifold times more ambitious than what Marvel Studios has ever attempted to bring to the screens before. The comic issues adaptation will not only portray a version of a berserk Hulk on a warpath to destroy the Illuminati on Earth but not care who stands in his way, including the Avengers and his former allies in battle.

In the World War Hulk comic series, as retribution for his banishment from Earth by the Illuminati and the eventual destruction of Sakaar, the death of his family and millions of inhabitants on the planet, the Hulk, in his rage, faces off against every hero on Earth – the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Inhumans, ancient and mystically powerful adversaries like Zom, the Ghost Rider, and the U.S. Army – and defeats them before ultimately facing off against the Sentry in an epic gladiator fight that results in the two being reduced back to their respective human forms.

World War Hulk faces off against the Inhumans
World War Hulk faces off against the Inhumans

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However, as fate would have it, Miek – not having any of it, attacks the Hulk, when the latter’s close friend and sidekick, Rick Jones sacrifices himself in order to save the former Avenger. Miek, who is then revealed to be the one actually responsible for the decimation of Sakaar, enrages and transforms Bruce Banner into such a version of Hulk that he had begun to level the city of Manhattan with every footstep.

Iron Man, using a satellite equipped with gamma radiation neutralizes the Hulk, and the latter, now in a coma, was secured in an undisclosed underground facility. And Skaar revealed to be alive, rises in the aftermath of the events.

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Harrison Ford May Step Into the Shoes of the Red Hulk

Although several arcs from the World War Hulk were depicted in bits and parts via Ragnarok and She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, a rumored full-scale World War Hulk has been rumored to be in production both by the actor, Mark Ruffalo, as well as several industry sources.

Red Hulk
Red Hulk

The reports add up since the studio is believed to be acquiring the rights of the superhero back in June 2023 after spending more than a decade under the care of Universal. The World War Hulk is more prime for a launch than ever, given how the Fantastic Four and X-Men are stepping into the universe and She-Hulk has already established the Hulk’s connection to Sakaar, setting up the presence of a family and his close relationship to the Sakaarans an important factor in the events to come.

Moreover, Harrison Ford, who will step up to take the place of the late William Hurt as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross is exceptionally well-timed and will serve as the redemption arc that Kevin Feige’s creation desperately needs if his vision for the Multiverse Saga is to exceed the scale of 2019’s Endgame.

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