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‘Hope this is James Gunn’s Justice League’: James Gunn’s Secret Project He Didn’t Announce in DCU Chapter One is Live Action Version of Justice League Animated Series?

'Hope this is James Gunn's Justice League': James Gunn's Secret Project He Didn't Announce in DCU Chapter One is Live Action Version of Justice League Animated Series?

James Gunn recently released the DC Universe’s slate for the first Chapter and it has made fans extremely excited. The upcoming years are going to introduce new characters, new storylines, prequels, sequels, and so much more. The upcoming projects that have been introduced created a sense of joy for the fans who had been patiently waiting for any update about the franchise.

James Gunn
James Gunn

There was one project that remained unannounced. Fans have already begun speculating as to what this mystery project could be. The biggest and most popular conclusion so far has been about a possible live-action Justice League meet-up. Gunn’s idea of the team could be interesting to view and experience just how different from the previous version it could be.

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Justice League Could Assemble In The New DCU

Fans have been wondering whether the undisclosed project by James Gunn is of the Justice League. If so, which version of it? To this, a very common thought by the audience was to see Justice League the Animated Series be turned into a live-action project. The show is highly regarded and is a fan favorite. So to bring that very story and team onto the big screen could prove great for the fans.

DCAU's Justice League
DCAU’s Justice League

The team includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Flash, and Hawkgirl. While there are many other versions of the team, this one came to be recognized by the fans via animation and made its way into their hearts. The team received a lot of love and appreciation. The stories that were explored and the character depth that was given easily managed to win the fans and so to see them in their live-action forms brings the audience’s hopes up. The series could be adapted into a movie and bring to life an already established universe of heroes.

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Fans Wish To See More Superheroes Join James Gunn’s Justice League

The Justice League as per DC’s animation

Apart from the members already a part of the Justice League Animated Series fans want to see various superheroes who have been waiting for their turn to debut as a member while already being one of the comics or other animated shows. A very recurring suggestion for that had been Black Canary, who has been a long-running member of the Justice League.

Apart from her, Zatanna Zatara, Green Arrow, as well as Vixen have been top choices for the audience. This has given the opportunity for them to establish their own versions of the team until Gunn announces his team. There are many members of the Justice League and many versions, both of those that have been part of the animated versions or otherwise. This gives room for both the audience and Gunn to explore which version fits best for the slate.

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