‘Hope we get to see the classic Blue and Gray Batman Suit’: DC Fans Diss Zack Snyder, Implore James Gunn To Make Ben Affleck Ditch the Snyder Batsuit For the Classic Blue-Gray Batsuit

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No matter how much we like the advancements of the future, there is always a charm in things from a bygone era. May it be the classic music of The Beatles or the nostalgia of vintage gadgets, it’s always a welcome sight to see all of them with your own eyes in the future. Same is the case when it comes to the appearances of our beloved superheroes with their earlier iterations donning those iconic suits, just something about them that gets the fans rolling with excitement.

Batman Live Action Actors
Batman throughout the years.

With these sentiments, fans were a little disappointed when Zack Snyder decided to go full Bat Armor when he made his universe with his iteration of Batman.

But as the gears of DC Films change, with James Gunn now being the head honcho of the studio, fans are rooting for him to bring back the iconic grey and blue Batman suit to become the next mainstream appeal of the greatest detective in the world.


Fans Want The Blue And Grey Batsuit Back

Ben Affleck in Batman vs Superman
Ben Affleck in Batman vs Superman

After the big shake-up in the management of DC Films, fans were in for a welcome surprise when James Gunn, along with Peter Safran were appointed the new co-heads of the division. This was genuinely exciting news, as the state of the DCEU was confusing, to put it mildly, and catastrophic to put it aptly. With Gunn’s arrival, fans of the studio were beyond thrilled to have someone on board who had experience with both DC and Marvel Cinematic universes.

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Now as with any new management, there comes along a lot of expectations from the fans. One such expectation from a lot of Batman fans out there was to reintroduce the classic icon of the blue and grey Batsuit in action. Fans have taken to social media to express their desires in the hopes that James Gunn makes their wishes come true.



As these demands gain more and more traction, there might be a chance that Gunn takes the hint and finally reintroduces the classic blue and grey back into the mainstream.

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What Is The Future Of Batman?

The Batman
The Batman

Since the shaky start of Batman in the DCEU, we have had a lot of changes and have witnessed numerous rumors about Ben Affleck. And with the introduction of Robert Pattinson‘s version with The Batman, things had more or less stayed uncertain for the most part. But now, with confirmations from both Ben Affleck and DC Films of Affleck’s return as the vigilante crime-solver, we have a sliver of hope for the future of Batman in the renovating DCU.


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The Batman, now streaming on HBO Max.

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