“I think Batman is in our movie”: In a Major Win for Zack Snyder Fans, Blue Beetle Star George Lopez Seemingly Confirms Ben Affleck’s Batman is in Upcoming DCU Movie

George Lopez Seemingly Confirms Ben Affleck's Batman is in Upcoming DCU Movie
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This really is the year for DC fans as the latest news causing sensational uproar is Blue Beetle and its 2023 release. Although barely much is known about the DCU project currently, the roster of people involved with the film is magnificent at first glance. With an all-Latino cast and crew, the film will take off in late Spring of 2023 and receive a worldwide release as a part of the DCU and its expansive canon.


Even with so much to keep up with, one of the casts only recently gave the audience something special to be excited about, and given how the piece of information comes straight from the horse’s mouth, it cannot be considered a rumor up for speculation.

Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle (2023)

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DCU Finds a New Superhero in the Latino Blue Beetle

On The Byron Scott Podcast, guest George Lopez talks about the new DCU movie, Blue Beetle, and his role in it as Uncle Rudy. Visibly excited about the prospect, the actor speaks about the significance of the diverse cast of the film, Warner Bros.’s nod for the project’s progress, and what it entails for him in particular to be involved in something as wide-reaching and expansive as the DC Films franchise.

“DC is coming out with the first Latino superhero. So it’s the producer, writer, and director — all Latinos… It’s called “Blue Beetle”, the kid from “Cobra Kai” is playing the Blue Beetle. It’s all very private. It was gonna be on HBO Max only and then Warner Bros. saw the script, they saw the people involved. It has a release date of August 2023. So, I got cast to be the Uncle in the Blue Beetle.”

Xolo Maridueña stars as the lead in DCUs Blue Beetle
Xolo Maridueña stars as the lead in DCU’s Blue Beetle

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The film has currently designated Angel Manuel Soto to be the director and Xolo Maridueña as the lead Jaime Reyes, a Mexican-American teenager who finds himself wielding superpowers when a mysterious blue scarab binds itself to his spine and provides him with a suit of blue alien armor.


Blue Beetle Star Almost Confirms Ben Affleck’s Cameo

George Lopez during his podcast appearance gushes about how big of a deal it is to be cast in a DCU film, the first-ever all-Latino-hailed movie at that. However, amid his flurry of praises about Warner Bros.’s initiative to green-light the project, Lopez lets slip a morsel of information that the fans have been clinging to for dear life. It seems as though Batman might be making a cameo in Blue Beetle after all.

Batflecks arrival in DCU is still in limbo
Batfleck’s arrival in DCU is still in limbo

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Given how the DCU has been advancing in leaps and bounds since Black Adam‘s premiere and yet no noise about the mainstream universe’s Batman has been made clear, it had been a focal point of mass disappointment. Henry Cavill‘s confirmation serves as therapeutic healing after 5 years of a torturous wait but without Batman, the vindication of the SnyderVerse fans is left incomplete.


With Lopez’s claim, it seems as though Ben Affleck may finally be coming to the screens as DCU’s official Batman, granted how Robert Pattinson is enjoying his momentary respite in his very own Matt Reeves-directed universe and news of a new Batman actor is yet to reach the grapevine.

Blue Beetle premieres on 18 August 2023.

Source: The Byron Scott Podcast



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