Horizon Forbidden West Gets Complete Edition Update – No More Expansions Then?

Horizon Forbidden West gets Complete Edition Update - No More Expansions Then
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Horizon Forbidden West looks to have a ‘complete edition’ coming next month. That’s going by a listing spotted on a Japanese retailer website, Neowing. And while there are no additional details at the time of writing, it is pointed out that this listing was for PS5 only, with a launch said to be on 6 October.


There was also a note made that the Singaporean Game Rating Board, the IMDA (Infocom Media Development Authority), also had this listed earlier this month. This means that a release is surely imminent.

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition – What to Expect

Horizon Forbidden West
Could we see the ‘Complete Edition’ release next month for PS5?

Although we do not have official confirmation on the details of the complete edition, we are assuming that it will consist of the base game along with the expansion, Burning Shores.


And fans will recall that there was a similar release back in 2017, which saw a complete edition release for Horizon Zero Dawn. This consisted of the base game along with the Frozen Wilds expansion.

One thing that was noted from the listing on the Japanese website was that the Complete Edition would have a Digital Soundtrack, Digital Art Book, and Digital Comic Book.

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While there appears to only be mention of a PS5 version, credible leaker ‘billbilkun’ has made suggestions that we could see Sony and Guerilla releasing a PC version next month also.

And if this was indeed the case, then Horizon Forbidden West would be seen as the first Sony first-party release to launch for console alongside the PC version, or indeed both launching close together.

Horizon Forbidden West
The complete edition looks to retail for ¥7,981, which is roughly $53 USD.

And given the announcement about the game being available for PC, there was understandably a considerable amount of enthusiasm from PC gamers.


another W for PC users, hope they enjoy this one – solid 8.5 with an insane variety of combat bc of the 6 weapon slots – @joeonpc

Thank goodness, because I wasn’t able to get a PS5 when I had the money to do so, but I did get a PC, and I was so sad that the DLC was only on PS5, especially since I had bought the collectors edition and wanted to enjoy it all. –   @devynchis_code

Nice i been waiting so long for the pc release.  – @MikeUK42

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And some PC fans took a cheeky swipe at a recently released space exploration game, stating that when the Complete Edition launches next month, it will perform substantially better.

Horizon Forbidden West
We could see the Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition launch on 6 October.

But what are your thoughts on the latest news for Horizon Forbidden West? Will the complete edition be a game you would be looking to pick up? Or do you already have the expansion in addition to the base game? Get in touch, drop us a comment, and let us know your thoughts.



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