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‘We Don’t Shy Away From It’: House of the Dragon Showrunner Miguel Sapochnik Says Show Will ‘Thoughtfully’ Explore Sexual Violence

House of the Dragon Showrunner Miguel Sapochnik Says Show Will Thoughtfully Explore Sexual Violence

Recently, the House of the Dragon cast talked about their characters and the showrunners explained how the new series undertakes issues like racial and sexual violence; and hint at a glimpse about the franchise’s future, including the details about the show’s new official trailer.

House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones prequel
House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones prequel

*Spoiler alert*

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Showrunners Miguel Sapochnik and Ryan Condal are just a step away from the legendary Iron Throne. If we look closer, some details have been altered from the original series. The throne room’s massive pillars have now become like statues of frightening Targaryen kings, dragon eggs nest in coal-fueled “incubators”.

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House of the Dragon: Showrunner Explains “It’s a Powerful, Dark, Shakespearean Tragedy”

House of the Dragon showrunner explains the show involves sexual violence
House of the Dragon showrunner explains the show involves sexual violence

Miguel Sapochnik simply elaborated on the prequel’s story:

“The main characters are two women and two men. There’s the king (Viserys), his brother (Daemon), the king’s daughter (Rhaenyra), and her best friend (Alicent). Then the best friend becomes the king’s wife and thereby the queen. That in itself is complicated — when your best friend goes and marries your dad. But from the tiniest things, it slowly evolves this gigantic battle between two sides.”

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This setup screams more intimidating as compared to the Game of Thrones. If we talk about its action set pieces, the big difference between the two shows is that House of the Dragon is more like a family drama. However, HBO is being thoughtful of the way sexual violence is portrayed in the prequel series, after Game of Thrones was already criticized for its way of portraying such scenes. Because of that, they decided to pull back on the number of sex scenes and nudity included, The showrunner said:

“You can’t ignore the violence that was perpetrated on women by men at that time. It shouldn’t be downplayed and it shouldn’t be glorified.”

House of the Dragon Trailer Update Given by HBO Chief

Game of Thrones prequel explained by HBO
Game of Thrones prequel explained by HBO

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The season starts with its female leads as teens who are played by Emily Carey and Milly Alcock. As we reach halfway through the season, the story then turns back to 10 years, and the roles are played by Olivia Cooke (Ready Player One) and Emma D’Arcy (Truth Seekers), but two male leads are older and played by the same actors. Additionally, it contains multiyear time loops inside the 10-episode season, it’s like a pattern more like the way The Crown unravels throughout its full run like Game of Thrones. HBO and HBO Max content chief Casey Bloys also explained the show:

“I liked the idea of focusing on one family, and obviously the Targaryens have a lot of drama to go around. I also liked the echo of how empires can quickly fall — those are the types of conversations we are having in our own country, which I don’t think is anything I would’ve thought we’d be talking about 20 years ago.”

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HBO planning to debut the series on August 21.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Written by Shreeparna Das