How Does Asa Redefine Denji’s Miserable Luck in Chainsaw Man?

Denji's life might have changed in Chainsaw Man since he met his new love interest Asa Mitaka.

How Does Asa Redefine Denji's Miserable Luck in Chainsaw Man?


  • Denji is someone who has been through a lot. It's no secret that romance has contributed to some of the madness that has overtaken Denji's life.
  • That bad luck, though, might have ended when he met Asa Mitaka, his current love interest.
  • Denji has loved many women throughout Chainsaw Man, and Asa embodies everything he has loved about them.
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The highly anticipated Chainsaw Man War arc for the series continues excitingly in Chainsaw Man chapter 149, which was just published. This week Tatsuki Fujimoto brought a whole different perspective for the fans as he showed Denji and Nayuta debating the advantages and disadvantages of humanity this week.


This change in viewpoint also brings about some fascinating developments, such as the apparent revelation of Nayuta’s inner Makima and Denji’s forced acceptance of his feelings for Asa. Asa embodies everything that Denji has loved about the many women he has considered dating throughout Chainsaw Man.

Denji Chainsaw Man
Denji Chainsaw Man

Asa may also have some kind of personal interest in her relationship with Denji but this doesn’t change the fact that ever since Denji has fallen in love with Asa there has been a significant shift in his miserable luck in the series.


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Asa’s Relationship With Denji

Asa Mitaka is the primary character in the Academy Saga. As a high school student, she was possessed by Yoru, the War Devil, and thus became the embodiment of the War Fiend. However, she is a unique example of a living Fiend host, as she maintains her human identity when Yoru grants her control. When Denji finally has the opportunity to attend school, Asa is one of his classmates.

Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man
Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man manga

Asa was initially completely against Denji. One of the reasons she decided to ask him out was because she didn’t like him. It turns out that Asa’s feelings are more nuanced than Asa’s first thought because it seems like their time together inside the aquarium has brought them closer.


This brings a whole new perspective to their love life as even Denji admits to liking Asa in chapter 149. And also Asa’s erratic behavior hurts and perplexes Denji, demonstrating that he does care about dating her even though he isn’t quite in love.

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Asa Redefined Benji’s Luck

Denji has endured a great deal of hardship. Denji’s life has descended into complete chaos, and romance has played a part in some of the madness. Denji has had previous romantic relationships where he was taken advantage of and mistreated. Denji hasn’t had the best luck finding love, from Makima to Reze and even Himeno.


But it appears that Denji’s luck may have changed significantly since meeting his new love interest. Even though Denji is unsure of how to express his feelings, Asa seems to represent a significant change in his romantic life. Although she also has some ulterior motives, Denji himself feels that Asa has done something different.

Denji and Asa
Denji and Asa

He even said in the latest chapter “I’ve kissed a bunch of times up until now, and it always went wrong. That kiss with Asa was the one time I didn’t get hurt,” This might be an indication that Denji may after all find true love as Asa.

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