How Magic is Real in The Amazing Spider-Man Universe

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is still continuing to impress people across the world. It had so much to just give and give. The Pandemic era? What Pandemic era?!! Omicron? What Omicron?!! Tough battle at the Box Office? What battle?!!! The fandom is just bursting through every obstacle in its way to watch the biggest Spider-Man movie of all time! That’s how magical No Way Home is. And speaking of magic, we got a surprising revelation as the film went on. Apparently, the MCU isn’t the only known Marvel universe where the mystic arts are performed. Magic is real in The Amazing Spider-Man Universe too.


Spoiler Warning for those who haven’t seen Spider-Man: No Way Home. Go watch it, folks. What are you waiting for really???

Doctor Strange in the Raimiverse


We’ve all known that magic is real in the MCU ever since Dr. Stephan Strange took a trip to Kathmandu. It has played a vital role to this date, allowing the Avengers to win the Endgame, and providing Spider-Man a second chance after Mysterio wrecked his life along with the others he loved. But besides the MCU, we expected that if there was any other Spider-Man Universe where magic was real, it would be the Raimiverse. With this universe being a part of MCU’s multiverse, another Doctor Strange variant should exist there.

Remember the cool Easter Egg from Spider-Man 2 where JJJ said that the name “Doctor Strange” was taken? It was a cool reference that led to many people believing that that Strange existed, and not just as a renowned surgeon, but as a master of the mystic arts too. Well, it’s sad that Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker didn’t give us any indication to suggest that, or even for the fact that magic is real in his Universe. Instead, Andrew Garfield’s Peter surprised us with the line, “Magic is real in this Universe too?”


Whaaaaaa??? How is that possible?!!

How Magic is Real in the TASM-Verse

The Amazing Spider-Man Universe Villains

All that the two TASM movies did was tell us that its world was completely immersed in science and technology. Those two elements are what created all of Garfield’s Spider-Man villains. And now suddenly, magic is real in that universe. Well, a lot of time did pass between TASM 2 and No Way Home, so a lot could have certainly changed. Even the MCU was deeply engrossed with scientific advancements until 2016 brought the hidden sector of mystic arts forward. So maybe there’s a hidden mystical section within The Amazing Spider-Man universe as well.


Erik Voss from New Rockstars suggested that this magic could be because of the Spider-Sense. Every Spider-Man is connected to the Web of Life and Destiny through their Spider-Sense, and they are considered totemic entities as they derive their spider-powers from it. But if this is the only magical connection, then magic would be real in every Spider-Man universe. So, I believe that it has to be something more than this. The magical connection could be because of a different character who performs the mystic Arts. That’s why Garfield’s Peter believes that it is real.

Who is the Magic-User in TASM-Verse???

Garfield’s Peter did not know the Doctor Strange of his universe, so maybe he doesn’t exist there as a practitioner of the Mystic Arts. It could be a guild like the one in MCU’s Kamar Taj, and people like the Ancient One and others also exist over there. Peter could have become aware of that place over time, and he could have found out about magic as well. But my theory is that it’s a specific character who gave him this belief.


There are many known Marvel characters who can use magic besides Doctor Strange. One of those who has a strong connection to Spider-Man is Captain Britain. Brian Braddock isn’t just a British reincarnation of Captain America. His powers are different as they are driven by magic. He uses the Amulet of Right to gain abilities like super strength, flight, super speed, and super durability from interdimensional energies. Yes, Captain Britain isn’t a Marvel property that Sony owns. But there are several reasons why I’m suggesting that Captain Britain could be the mystical character in Garfield’s Spidey Universe.


First, he has teamed up with Spider-Man in the comics several times. Maybe Garfield’s Peter hasn’t teamed up with him yet, but he could still be aware of his existence and magical powers. Secondly, Captain Britain is a part of the Multiversal Captain Britain Corps. Braddock has already been teased for the MCU, and will soon make his debut with the follow-up to Dane Whitman’s story. With the Multiverse being explored, the MCU could create another connection with The Amazing Spider-Man universe by leaving a Captain Britain over there.

Your Thoughts…

With the rumors of Garfield getting another go at Spider-Man, this magical connection could be explored. But what do you guys think of this theory? Is magic real in the TASM-verse through Captain Britain? Or do the Masters of the Mystic arts exist there as well? Let us know in the comments.

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