How Netflix Losing Subscribers Can Be Disastrous For HBO Max and Disney+ Too

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Digital content streaming is big business. The industry is booming and there is stiff competition in the market now. However, three platforms safely occupy the top three positions in streaming services. These are Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max. While Netflix has long dominated the market, the other two entrants are closing up.


Netflix is facing some bad news. It lost subscribers for the first time in many years. However, what is plaguing it today may come to HBO Max and Disney+ tomorrow. What the streaming service is facing might be a part of a larger issue that may bite its competitors in the future. We take a closer look at this and more in this article. What do you think of the whole issue? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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Netflix Lost Subscribers

How netflix loosing subscribers can be a problem for HBO Max and Disney+ too
The Logo of Netflix

Netflix lost subscribers for the first time in a decade. It lost 200,000 subscribers in the recent quarter. While it still easily holds the number one spot in streaming services, things don’t look good. The issues it is facing right now may trouble HBO Max and Disney+ in the future. We explore this next.

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How Netflix’s Troubles Might Come To HBO Max and Disney+ Too.

How netflix loosing subscribers can be a problem for HBO Max and Disney+ too
The 3 Major Streaming Services

On the face of it, Netflix losing subscribers may appear to be great news to its competitors, Disney+ and HBO Max. However, it may be a harbinger of things to come. It seems, that customers are price sensitive and too much of a squeeze on the part of the streaming service might compel many subscribers to terminate their subscriptions. Netflix announced that it is becoming stricter on account sharing, further, it may also be considering the launch of an ad-based subscription model, which may aggravate subscribers even more. Needless to say, things look precarious right now.


While HBO Max and Disney+ may not be following in the footsteps of the Stranger Things streaming home right now, they may do so in the future. If and when they do decide to make their services dearer, they might face what Netflix is facing right now.

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