Hugh Jackman Believes Eating Too Much Chicken for Wolverine Physique Gave Him Bad Karma: “I’m so sorry to all the vegans and vegetarians”

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Hugh Jackman is known for doing whatever it takes to get into character, even if it’s dehydrating himself or taking ice-cold showers in the freezing months of winter. On top of that, a lot of people would agree that the actor’s muscular build in the Wolverine franchise became synonymous with a “God-like physique.”

Hugh Jackman in Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Of course, to achieve such levels of fitness, Hugh Jackman had to go through intense training and a properly set diet. However, was anything else ever involved? At the age of fifty-two, he appears to be perfectly in shape which led to speculation if the actor had ever taken the help of steroids to bulk up. A few eyebrows were raised, and Hugh Jackman had to address the issue in his recent interview.

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Hugh Jackman Addresses Steroid Use Allegations

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman’s ripped physique for Wolverine

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By now everyone is aware of the fact that Hugh Jackman is once again going to be seen as Wolverine in the upcoming movie, Deadpool 3. However, to be able to play Wolverine, Jackman needs to have that trademark physique, which the actor is currently working on stating that he wants to be in better shape than ever.

There were questions amongst fans about the actor using steroids to give him a helping hand in achieving the Greek-God physique. As reported by Variety, Jackman appeared as a guest on HBO’s Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace where the host didn’t beat around the bush and asked the actor if he had ever taken steroids.


Jackman put an end to all the allegations as he stated that the reason behind him being so ripped wasn’t steroids, it was plain old protein. The Prisoners actor stated that while he loved his job playing Wolverine, he didn’t love it enough to risk all the side effects. He then apologized to the vegan and vegetarian audience (and the chicken population on the planet) stating that the karma of eating so much chicken just wasn’t good for him.

“No, I love my job. And I love Wolverine. I got to be careful what I say here, but I had been told anecdotally what the side effects are of that. And I was like, ‘I don’t love it that much.’ So no, I just did it the old school way. And I tell you, I’ve eaten more chickens — I’m so sorry to all the vegans and vegetarians and to the chickens of the world. Literally the karma is not good for me. If the deity has anything related to chickens, I’m in trouble.”

So there you have it. Jackman doesn’t use any kind of enhancers to reach that physique, nor does he need to. His sheer dedication to his work and to his characters is enough to put steroids to shame.

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Hugh Jackman Wants to be Better Than Ever

deadpool 3
Hugh Jackman in Logan

Jackman is all set to reprise his role as Wolverine after a long time of stating that he had officially retired from the role. Collider reported that in the same interview, Jackman stated he was in no rush to reach his fitness goals for Deadpool 3. He will be doing things right and dedicating six months to the preparation for the role. In these six months, all Jackman will be doing is training and spending time with his family. He issued a public warning to all the chickens and told them to start running because he is coming for them.

On The Empire Film Podcast, Jackman stated that he wants to get in the best shape possible for Deadpool 3, ready to leave Ryan Reynolds biting dust.

I want it to be better than ever, to be in better shape than ever, more able to do things than ever. I just get the added incentive of taking Ryan Reynolds out each day.”

It looks like Wolverine’s fans can expect an upgraded version of the character in the upcoming Marvel film. Only Jackman knows what he has in store for us!


Deadpool 3 is set to release on November 08, 2024.

Source: Variety


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