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“I am going to some kind of chicken hell at the end of this”: Hugh Jackman Would Have Failed in His Wolverine transformation Without Dwayne Johnson

Hugh-Jackman Dwayne-Johnson

Hugh Jackman’s role as wolverine in the X-man franchise is synonymous among every comic book fan. It’s become quite hard to imagine any other actor playing the character of the mutant with adamantium metal claws except for the 6-foot Aussie.

Hugh Jackman’s body has always been in perfect shape to portray the role of Logan in most X-Men movies, but there was one instance when the actor had to take the advice of another actor who possesses the stature of a superhero to get into shape for The Wolverine.

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Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Dwayne Johnson’s advice helped Hugh Jackman to get back in shape

Actors are quite familiar with the process of transforming their weight according to their assigned roles, a famous example being Christian Bale. Actors need to be in a constant state of revamping to roles both physically and mentally and the same goes for Hugh Jackman. Even though Jackman has been quite comfortable in transforming his body for the role of Wolverine in several films, there was one moment when he had to go through excessive limits to attain the desired physique.

During the shooting of Les Miserables, Jackman had to lose a considerable amount of weight and in the same year, he was supposed to be ready for The Wolverine. So to put in an extra 25 pounds of lean muscle, the actor turned to Dwayne Johnson for some advice, and the Black Adam actor didn’t shy away from helping him to get into shape in a short duration of time.

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Hugh Jackman and Dwayne Johnson
Hugh Jackman and Dwayne Johnson

Hugh Jackman reveals his vigorous training routine and diet

To attain the desired body for the role in under 6 months, the Logan actor was advised to keep on doing pushups and other standard exercises during his tenure of leaning down for Les Miserables, but after that, he was instructed by the Rock to hit the gym daily and go through a vigorous 3-hour training period alongside intaking an enormous 6000 calories every single day. In an interview with Access, the Logan actor stated,

“It’s chicken breast and vegetables, Six thousand calories a day could be a pizza and nacho, but unfortunately it’s a lot [of chicken] and fish. I’m going to some kind of chicken hell at the end of this. I’ve murdered nations of chickens. Yes, I’m not the poster boy for the vegan movement, but it’s that and training hard and time.”

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Wolverine FandomWire
Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine

With the Rock’s advice, Hugh Jackman was able to pull the enchanting body for The Wolverine and the result of his training and enormous calorie intake was observed, as the actor was more physically admirable than ever.

The Wolverine is available for streaming on Disney+.

Source: Access

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