Hugh Jackman Teases His Return As Wolverine in the MCU

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Best known for playing Wolverine in Fox Studios’ X-Men Franchise, the beloved Hugh Jackman hints at reviving his character in the MCU. After portraying the brooding yet sensational Wolverine for over 17 years, Jackman has become quite synonymous with the character. He retired from the role in 2017’s Logan, thus bringing an end to Wolverine’s journey. Though devastating to watch, it gave a satisfactory closure to his die-hard fans. But Jackman’s recent Instagram story has sparked a slew of speculations everywhere. 


Hugh had once said that he would continue playing Wolverine if the X-Men franchise ever became a part of the MCU. No one took it seriously as it seemed like a far-off dream back then. But things have changed significantly since then. The X-Men recently became a part of the MCU, ever since the House of Mouse took over Fox Studios. While the future of Wolverine may be unclear, the X-Men are going to get a reboot in their new home. The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige announced at SDCC 2019 about the mutants joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So far, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is the only confirmed character who will not be recast. Hence, fans have been biting their nails, fretting over the next face to replace Jackman for their favourite character. 

Hugh Jackman’s Instagram Hint


But Hugh Jackman’s recent story on Instagram has left us wondering about his return with the claws. One of the images that he shared was a Wolverine fan art, which was immediately followed by his picture with Kevin Fiege. 

Disney may not have made any such announcement. But Jackman suddenly posting a picture with the President of Marvel Studios must have a hidden message. He very well knew that the image was powerful enough to send waves across the world. With the X-Men joining the MCU family, Jackman’s wish to work with the studios may finally see the light of the day. 


There have been plenty of theories and speculations on how the mutants would enter the franchise. Now that Loki has finally brought the multiverse and timeline to everyone’s attention, there is a way for the MCU to set up X-Men and Wolverine. The studios will run a huge risk of backlash and merciless comparisons if they go for another actor instead of Hugh Jackman. In this long span, the audience has accepted Jackman as their Wolverine and replacing him could be a blow-back for Disney. Here’s to hoping that Jackman isn’t playing with our hearts by sharing this story. 


Written by Ipshita Barua

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