“I am so excited about this”: Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Accidentally Leaked a Huge Plot From Deadpool 3 As Fans Decode Their Cryptic Message

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Accidentally Leaked a Huge Plot From Deadpool 3 As Fans Decode Their Cryptic Message
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A week earlier, fans were skeptical when Marvel announced a new addition to the MCU timeline. The studio added a new movie that was set to release on September 6, 2024. Fans came up with a bunch of movies that could release on that day. But Ryan Reynolds took over the internet when he made it official that the new addition to the MCU timeline is Deadpool 3. The actor released two videos announcing the release date of the film and introducing a long-awaited character into the MCU. 

deadpool 3
Deadpool 3’s Official Logo

Ryan Reynolds released two videos on his YouTube channel and Twitter announcing the film. With these videos, he also confirmed that Hugh Jackman is finally making a comeback as Wolverine. Although fans had an idea about Jackman’s appearance, the excitement levels were still high after the announcement. 

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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Spill the Beans About Deadpool 3

While in the first video Ryan Reynolds just asked Hugh Jackman if he would be interested in playing Wolverine again. The second video included both actors talking about the movie. They started by talking about the film with, “what happens in the out film is… these two fucking guys…” 

Wolverine and Deadpool
Wolverine and Deadpool

Two actors also explain how Wolverine is in Deadpool after the events of 2017 Logan. Clearing the confusion, Ryan Reynolds says that Logan takes place in 2029 and is totally a separate thing. He says, “Logan takes place in 2029, a totally separate thing, not touching that.”

The video goes silent as a piece of background music starts playing, and Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds do everything to explain the movie. The video ends with both actors thanking Marvel president Kevin Feige for this team-up. 

Deadpool is joining the MCU
Deadpool is joining the MCU

Even though the video was meant to explain the plot for Deadpool 3, fans were only left with the dramatic music, leaving fans guessing what they might be saying in the video. However, Marvel fans don’t back up that easily. One of the YouTube channels named Jomboy Media took the responsibility to disclose what Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds were saying in the video. 

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Marvel Fan Lip Reads Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool 3 Video

A YouTube content creator Jomboy Media took over the charge to provide everything fans missed due to the music in the video. With his lip-reading abilities, he figured out what both the actors were saying in the video. He released the whole lip-reading video, showing what both of them may have said in the video. 

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Announce Deadpool 3
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Announce Deadpool 3

The lip-reading video shows Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds explaining how they chase each other throughout the movie. Then there is a huge explosion. Following up Ryan Reynolds says, “yeah, and I’ve got the swords that shim.”

It is followed by two of them making a bunch of explosions and action sound effects. Later, Jackman pulls out his imaginary claws and sticks them through Deadpool’s skull. After which, Ryan Reynolds says, “I’m fine, and I’m totally laughing about it.”

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Hugh Jackman also says that he’s alive too. He further says fans really have to see this because “we’re in our prime. It’s true, the prime.” 

Finishing it up Ryan Reynolds says, “and what a way to make it up to you,” and continues with, “It’s going to be the best.”  

Hugh Jackman also shares his excitement by saying, “I’m so excited about this you guys are gonna fucking love it.”

Stranger Things FandomWire
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Well, there is no chance Marvel will let its actors reveal the plot of the most anticipated movie of the MCU, this easily. It leaves everything they said with an interpretation of some action sequences in the movie. No doubt it would have a number of explosions and some fight sequences between the characters.   

The video surely proves that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds would be great on screen. However, the film still has two years to release. 

Deadpool 3 will release on September 6, 2024. 


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