“Hugh just happened to call at the perfect moment”: Ryan Reynolds Reveals Hugh Jackman Called Him to Return as Wolverine, Made Kevin Feige Understand That Deadpool and Logan Reunion Was Inevitable

Ryan Reynolds finally unites the X-Men and the MCU
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Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool has to be one of the single greatest slam dunks in the history of fourth-wall-breaking parodic and gory characters. With no sense of self-preservation whatsoever, the Marvel comic antihero has mastered the art of being a perfect mercenary and not raising questions about redemption, repentance, or even morality, at the end of the day. Combining that with one of the most troubled and reluctant superheroes, living in grief and wanting to be forgotten, it will make an excellent masterpiece, unparalleled in the history of CBM movies.

Wolverine and Deadpool as in the comics
Wolverine and Deadpool as in the comics

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Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman: A Marvel-ous Romance

For as long as anybody could remember, Ryan Reynolds has harbored a fascination bordering on idolatry toward Hugh Jackman, with whom he starred in the Foxverse movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). Although the end of the film pitted a weaponized Deadpool against Wolverine, in the current version of events, Wade Wilson is very much in love with Jackman’s character and reveres him almost to the point of deification.

Deadpool and Wolverine face off in X-Men Origins (2009)
Deadpool and Wolverine face off in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

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Deadpool and its sequel have consequently drawn several parallels to the latter, along with mentions of his death in Logan and a throwback to the ending of their 2009 movie. It would only be right that Hugh Jackman would want to return one last time alongside the Deadpool actor after the clawed mutant’s ascertained death in Logan which was essentially framed entirely as a tribute to the character that he portrayed for 17 long years across 10 Foxverse movies.

Ryan Reynolds Talks About Wolverine’s Return in Deadpool 3

In an interview with Collider, Ryan Reynolds claimed that he cannot take credit for what was essentially Hugh Jackman’s idea. Moreover, it was about 4 years ago that talks about a Deadpool x Wolverine reunion began to take shape, setting up a room for discussion between Jackman, Reynolds, and Marvel President Kevin Feige so as to figure out the best way to make that happen.


“It’s not like adding Hugh Jackman to a movie like this is a hard sell. It’s an immediate and emphatic, unqualified yes. It’s a lot of moving parts and Fox and X-Men and all that kind of stuff that Marvel needs to sort through. A lot of red tape in order to make that happen. And they did it. And I’m really grateful that they did it, because for me, working with Hugh is a dream come true. But working with Logan and having Logan and Wade together in a movie is beyond any dream I would ever be audacious enough to have. So I’m really, really super f*cking excited to do this film.”

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman hilariously announce the return of Wolverine
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman hilariously announce the return of Wolverine

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Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios had already made the transition of the mutants over to the MCU a concept as inevitable as Deadpool always coming back to life. The actuality of that theory only began to solidify when Hugh Jackman initiated the conversation between the right parties at the right time. Reynolds further revealed,

“My first meeting with Kevin Feige when Disney bought Fox years ago, maybe three years ago, or three and a half, four years ago, I’m not sure, was about doing a movie with the two of us, a Deadpool Wolverine movie. And that was not possible at the time. And then Hugh just happened to call at that perfect moment and express that he’d be interested in coming back and doing this one more time. And the contents of that conversation… I’ll let Hugh answer that on his own. But he expressed interest in coming back, and then it was my job to take that to Kevin Feige one more time and sell it.”

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds with director Shawn Levy at The Adam Project premiere
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy

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The beautiful synchronicity between the actors and their shrewd capacity for taking decisions that has the potential to impact a billion-dollar franchise is admirable in itself. But adding to this fact is Feige’s sanctioned go-ahead to the project which reveals the trust that he has in the actors to make Deadpool 3 a successful and smooth intro for the long-awaited X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’ll truly be an audacious dream coming to life.

Deadpool 3, to be directed by Shawn Levy, will premiere on November 8, 2022, and kick off the events of MCU’s Phase Six.

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