“I always felt like a bit of a late bloomer”: Blade Star Mahershala Ali Hated Hollywood Not Acknowledging His Gift for Acting

"I always felt like a bit of a late bloomer": Blade Star Mahershala Ali Hated Hollywood Not Acknowledging His Gift for Acting
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Mahershala Ali is a highly acclaimed actor known for his extraordinary talent and versatility. With his commanding presence and remarkable range, Ali has captivated audiences across film and television. He has delivered powerful performances in films like Moonlight and Green Book, earning him two consecutive Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

Mahershala Ali will lead Blade
Mahershala Ali

Ali’s ability to embody complex characters with depth and authenticity is unparalleled. Beyond his acting prowess, he is also recognized for his humility, intelligence, and advocacy for social justice. Mahershala Ali continues to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, solidifying his place as one of the most talented actors of his generation. However, the actor initially felt that the industry did not recognize his talent.

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Did Mahershala Ali Feel Hollywood Did Not See His Talent

Mahershala Ali undoubtedly earned his place in the industry. Throughout the past twenty years, the actor has showcased his brilliance by taking on pivotal roles in prestigious series such as HBO’s True Detective, venturing into sci-fi franchises like The Hunger Games, and leaving an impact in defining political thrillers such as Netflix’s House of Cards.

Mahershala Ali
Mahershala Ali

It might be surprising to discover that, until his remarkable performance in the science fiction drama Swan Song, which is currently available for streaming on Apple TV+, Mahershala Ali had never before portrayed the lead character in a feature film. “I always felt like a bit of a late bloomer,” Ali said.

In Swan Song, Mahershala Ali takes on two roles: Cameron, a husband and father suffering from a terminal illness, and Jack, an identical clone infused with all of Cameron’s memories. Unknown to Cameron’s wife and son, Jack is destined to assume Cameron’s identity and spare them the heartache of witnessing his decline. This portrayal is even more remarkable because Ali shares the screen with himself, skillfully bringing both characters to life and delivering compelling performances.


“It was fun after it was hard,” Ali said. “Fun after you move through the hard.”

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How Did Mahershala Ali Land A Lead Role

In 2019, Mahershala Ali discovered the script for Swan Song and desired to meet its writer, Benjamin Cleary. Cleary, an Oscar winner for his 2015 short film Stutterer, had not yet directed a full-length feature. However, after a single conversation between Ali and Cleary, the actor enthusiastically agreed to join the project.

Mahershala Ali Blade
Mahershala Ali

“It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life,” Cleary recalled. “Every actor wants to work with Mahershala.”

Mahershala Ali’s portrayal in Swan Song has already received enthusiastic acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Unsurprisingly, his exceptional talent has also landed him several other prominent leading roles in several projects.


Swan Song is available for streaming on Apple TV+.

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