“I am sorry to hear the heartbreaking news”: Dwayne Johnson Joins Millions in Mourning the Saddening Loss of Stephen “tWitch” Boss

"I am sorry to hear the heartbreaking news": Dwayne Johnson Joins Millions in Mourning the Saddening Loss of Stephen "tWitch" Boss
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Dwayne Johnson joins the queue in paying his respects to the late Stephen “tWitch” Boss after the latter’s tragic and shocking death on 14 December 2022. Popularly known as tWitch, the star who rose to fame following his stint in So You Think You Can Dance in 2008, became a household name after becoming the resident DJ and dancer on The Ellen Show. 


The news comes as a blow to the entertainment industry and to millions of people around the world as the 40-year-old’s passing once again invokes the heartbreaking truth about how most of us remain unaware of people’s struggles behind the façade of fame, wealth, and photogenic glory.

tWitch with his wife, Allison Holker Boss
tWitch with his wife, Allison Holker Boss

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Dwayne Johnson Pays Tribute to Stephen “tWitch” Boss

Behind his ever-smiling face, the picture-perfect happiness, his well-respected career, and his loving family, Stephen Boss had fallen prey to the most invasive side effects of fame that ultimately resulted in the iconic DJ dying by his own hand at the age of 40 in a motel on Ventura Boulevard.

The celebrity dancer and choreographer had held a special place among most stars who came on as guests on The Ellen Show in which tWitch remained a mainstay since 2014 and served as an executive producer in 2020.

Speaking of the loss, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted his thoughts on the saddening event:


Ellen DeGeneres spoke about Boss in a most endearing manner, recognizing him as “pure love and light”. The former talk show host claimed, “He was my family, and I loved him with all my heart. I will miss him.” The news was publicly confirmed by tWitch’s wife, Allison Holker Boss. The star is survived by three children, Weslie, Maddox, and Zaia Boss.

Ellen DeGeneres with Stephen tWitch Boss
Ellen DeGeneres with Stephen Boss

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Stephen “tWitch” Boss’s Suicide Rocks the Industry & Fans

A lot has happened over the course of the year that has stunned, shocked, and outraged the world and the industry partisans but nothing comes close to the news that greeted people all around the world on the morning of 14th December 2022. Stephen Boss’s suicide stands out as even more shocking due to the television personality’s near-perfect image in the public eye as anything but marred by mental health struggles.

Stephen "tWitch" Boss
Stephen “tWitch” Boss

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TMZ reported the incident in the early hours of the day after learning of Boss’s passing from sources within law enforcement. The star was reportedly found in an L.A. motel where paramedics found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


The news was immediately followed by a near-constant stream of mourning fans paying their tribute to the star who had brought years of joy and entertainment into the households of millions of fans across the world. Stephen “tWitch” Boss will remain in the thoughts and prayers of all those he inspired during his lifetime as an actor, dancer, choreographer, DJ, and producer.

Source: Twitter | Dwayne Johnson


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