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“I can still look back and say I’ve entertained some people”: Humble Henry Cavill Claimed He’s Happy His Superman Inspired Many Even if WB Doesn’t Call Him Back

Henry Cavil Superman

Henry Cavill’s winning trait remains his humility, even after years in the industry. With each project delivering one hit after another, the actor’s career may be at its all-time peak. But that still is not enough for some fans to go back to the one film that escalated his rise to the status of an A-lister — Man of Steel. While the conversation surrounding Henry Cavill and Superman is yet to die down, the actor takes a step back and appreciates what already exists.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

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The Beginning of Zack Snyder x Henry Cavill Saga

In recent years, the fame and equal parts controversy that has surrounded the insane brilliance of Zack Snyder has been lobbed off into the unknown with the arrival of David Zaslav and Warner Bros. Discovery. With the company’s official distancing away from the director and his 2021 Justice League film, whatever hopes remained as to the possible return of Darkseid has been squashed under the WB juggernaut’s boot.

Zack Snyder on tthe set with Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill looks back at his time on Snyder’s set with gratitude

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But the masterpiece, in this day and age of the digital world, exists forever as an indelible mark. Snyder’s trilogy established the new and rebooted DC’s extended universe, built on the backs of which the rest of the franchise’s future now stands. But most of all, it was Henry Cavill and his somber delivery which set the tone of it all, Snyder did the rest with his cinematography, and Zimmer layered it off with his composition. Almost a decade after the film’s launch, very few projects manage to revive the pure feeling of awe that was dealt by Man of Steel and lesser still manage to follow it up with a visionary and equally dark and magnificent trilogy.

Henry Cavill in the iconic black Superman suit
Henry Cavill in the iconic black Superman suit in Snyder’s Cut

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Henry Cavill Talks About the Essential Aspects of Superman

The intricate yet elaborate masterplan of the director stayed relevant throughout the broad brushstrokes of his magnum opus. Henry Cavill followed it up with his well-placed interviews and an input or two scattered throughout the years. In a 2021 GQ interview, the actor had reignited the fervor of the fandom for a while when he stated how keen he was to see the story through and explore all the multifaceted layers of Superman’s story. But Zaslav had still to arrive back then. With the mounting problems of Warner Bros. parent organization, the lingering hope of ever seeing the Brit in the blue-and-red suit has died a slow agonizing death.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

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But in the meantime, Cavill still embodies all the hopes and dreams that come with wearing the Kryptonian suit. In a December 2021 interview in Lorraine, the actor opens up about the intricacies tied to personifying the role of one of the comic world’s oldest and most beloved superheroes through the eyes of Zack Snyder.

“You look back and think what a wonderful opportunity. And even if I were to stop acting tomorrow, I can look back and say I’ve worn a cape and let about the place and entertained some people.”

Man of Steel is available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Source: Lorraine

Written by Diya Majumdar

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