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“I can’t believe you lied to me like that”: Jamie Foxx Trashed Jessica Biel’s $135M Bomb for Lying to the Fans

Jamie Foxx Trashed Jessica Biel's $135M Bomb for Lying to the Fans

Jamie Foxx is among some of the highly acclaimed actors in Hollywood and has showcased his talent and skills on the screen for several decades. Throughout his acting career, he has won millions of hearts, along with several accolades, including an Oscar for Best Actor. The actor is also well known for being outspoken regarding his thoughts and beliefs and has done the same on several occasions.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

And he did something similar as he trashed his 2005 action film Stealth during an interview. The Amazing Spider-Man actor shared his honest views on the movie while promoting his 2007 thriller The Kingdom.

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Jamie Foxx Was Uncomfortable Promoting Stealth

Jamie Foxx starred alongside Jessica Biel and Josh Lucas in the 2005 sci-fi action film Stealth. The movie follows three expert pilots on a mission to bring an automated robotic stealth aircraft under control before it initiates a nuclear war. It was heavily criticized at the time of its release, and critics even called it a “videogame version of Top Gun… on steroids.”

Stealth (2005)
Stealth (2005)

Made on a budget of $135 million, Stealth only made $79 million at the box office and is considered one of the worst losses in cinematic history. Like other actors, Foxx also actively promoted the movie at the time of its release. However, it wasn’t until the release of his 2007 action thriller The Kingdom, he shared his honest opinion about the the sci-fi action movie.

He shared during an interview that he had to promote Stealth, and he would say things like, “Yeah, this is the greatest.” However, the reception was not too positive, as many who saw the movie told him, “I can’t believe you lied to me like that.” The actor revealed it all while promoting his upcoming film at the time, The Kingdom.

Jamie Foxx in Stealth
Jamie Foxx in Stealth

After trashing the box office failure, the Ray star talked about The Kingdom and said that he does not need to lie about it being a good movie. “The Kingdom is very topical, and it’s a good movie. I don’t have to lie about this one,” he said. However, The Kingdom had an unimpressive box office collection and received mixed reviews.

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Jamie Foxx’s The Kingdom Made a Comeback on Netflix

Jamie Foxx portrayed the role of Special Agent Ronald Fleury in the 2007 action thriller The Kingdom. Starring Foxx alongside Chris Cooper and Jennifer Garner, the movie follows a team of special agents on a mission to capture the terrorist mastermind responsible for deadly attacks.

The Kingdom (2007)
The Kingdom (2007)

It was unable to land a positive reception at the box office and made $87 million on an estimated budget of $70-72.5 million and received mixed reviews from critics. However, it has been deemed a forgotten action thriller of Jamie Foxx’s career, as The Kingdom was received very well after it premiered on the streaming giant Netflix.

It was added to Netflix in June 2023 and was soon among some of the most streamed movies on the platform. Many fans even went on to call it one of the best movies of the 55-year-old Oscar-winning actor.

Stealth and The Kingdom are available on Prime Video.

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