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“I can’t remember the grams”: Hugh Jackman Reveals He Eats as Much as The Rock To Maintain His Trademark Wolverine Physique for Deadpool 3

"I can't remember the grams": Hugh Jackman Reveals He Eats as Much as The Rock To Maintain His Trademark Wolverine Physique for Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman has been commended often for his health and how he manages to maintain a body fit to play Wolverine. For his return as the character in Deadpool 3, the actor has been preparing daily to get back into shape. His role is iconic as he looks for it. In fact, his calorie intake and routine are very similar to that of another actor who gets praised for his diet.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Dwayne Johnson is just as much applauded for his strict regime. For the role of Wolverine, Jackman has been preparing heftily with his trainer and does according to whatever he says so that he can get back to his role more quicker. He had to more than double his daily calorie intake and the actor has been strictly following the routine.

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Hugh Jackman Takes In 5500 Calories A Day

Hugh Jackman has been consuming a total of 5500 calories a day. It is 2000 more than his usual intake and works towards his preparation for his upcoming role in Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynolds.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

“Food arrives and it’s been counted out and it’s 600 grams of carbohydrates and it’s 270 grams of protein… and a certain amount of fat, I can’t remember the grams, and then I have to eat that food for the day.”

He confirmed that this drastic change in his diet had not been easy and his wife was far from sympathetic about it. She would always mock him if he started nagging and complaining about having to eat again and again. She would joke about how it must be tiring for having to eat so much. This kept on going as Jackman admitted how coming into the superhero world had not been easy for him. He had no idea how difficult and gruesome the diets and workout routines for actors can be, especially Wolverine who is often seen shirtless.

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Hugh Jackman Shot All His Shirtless Scenes From X-Men In The Last

Hugh Jackman revealed that he had been cast as Wolverine for X-Men in 2000 only three weeks before filming for the movie was to start. He confirmed that any scene that involved him not wearing a shirt was postponed to much later so that he could be in shape by the time it was shot.

Hugh Jackman in Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

The scenes were shot in the final moments of the movie as he worked extensively hard for the role. For his first-ever sequence, Jackman was so out of shape that the director kept trying to hide his body. Now, however, his regime is just as strict as Dwayne Johnson’s. Johnson is also famous for his meals and how much he takes care of his diet.

Deadpool 3 will be available to watch in theatres from 8th November 2024.

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Source: This Morning

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