“I confirmed my hate”: Despite Bryan Cranston’s Villainous Arc, One Character Crosses the Line For Breaking Bad Fans

Despite Bryan Cranston's Villainous Arc, One Character Crosses the Line For Breaking Bad Fans

Within the world of Breaking Bad, even though the central character bears the name Walter White (portrayed by Bryan Cranston), the show predominantly unfolds within morally ambiguous territory. Throughout the series, a multitude of characters with questionable ethics make their appearances.

Breaking Bad (2008-2013)
Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

This complexity is characterized by individuals who can exhibit immense compassion in one instance and commit reprehensible acts in the next scene. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that fervent debates among fans often arise, as they seek to determine which character within Breaking Bad is truly the most irredeemable.

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Is Todd The Most Irredeemable Character In Breaking Bad?

While opinions naturally vary, numerous Reddit discussions have presented a compelling argument suggesting that Todd Alquist (portrayed by Jesse Plemons) may be considered irredeemable.

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“I started hating him when he killed that poor kid, but it’s when he killed Andrea that I confirmed my hate. Just because Jesse wanted to escape doesn’t justify this murder at all,” one Redditor wrote.

Kristen Dunst with Jesse Plemons
Kristen Dunst with Jesse Plemons

Todd’s act of taking a child’s life is undeniably abhorrent. In contrast, Walter’s actions, which included poisoning a child, marked a symbolic shift toward villainy, but he managed to avoid causing a fatality.

Todd’s unsettling character is further evidenced by his fixation with Lydia. While other characters may have committed acts of violence, they often displayed some form of emotional response to their actions. In contrast, Todd remained consistently cold and unrepentant throughout the series.

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Characters from Breaking Bad That Are Beyond Redemption 

Amidst a backdrop of numerous deaths and shattered lives within the Breaking Bad universe, several characters could arguably contend for the dubious title of “worst.” However, the critical distinction lies in the phrase “beyond redemption.” While some characters have committed heinous acts, there remains the possibility that, under the right circumstances, they could theoretically seek redemption in the eyes of both fans and society.

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad

None of the Breaking Bad characters proved as repugnant as Todd. While Jesse Plemons’ exceptional performance made Todd a captivating character for many fans, his deeds remained utterly reprehensible. These included imprisoning and subjecting Jesse Pinkman to torture, as well as the murder of innocent individuals. Jesse Plemons told EW,

“He’s a person who the more you look into, the more confusing he becomes. Obviously, he’s stunted and missing some critical piece that allows him to understand the weight of his actions. He does show empathy at times, but then at other times if it’s justified in his mind for whatever reason it’s really plain.”

While Walter White (Bryan Cranston) also committed reprehensible acts, there was often a discernible rationale behind his actions, no matter how morally convoluted it may have been. Additionally, he exhibited at least some degree of care and concern for his family.

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